Chapter 1

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Isn't it amazing how one thing...just one thing in life can change everything? Well if you went to Pine High, you'd know it all too well. 

I used to have a best friend. Note the used to. 

We were practically sisters. Inseparable, live 3 houses away from each other. We were the friends that thought we were cool because we could ride a bike with only one hand on the handlebars. We'd be the prank callers trying to pull off the Italian accent, but failing miserably. We gave each other the "professional" haircuts and made our mothers almost pass out cold. 

We literally did everything together...that is...until he came. 

This ex-best friend of mine goes by the name of Jillian Sawyer. Popular girl, pretty, dark brown hair, brown eyes, freckles and insanely good athletic skills. She was mostly known for being totally kick-ass at softball. 

Jillian is the girl that when we walk down the halls together people say hi to her. 

Not me of course. 

I am the nice, witty girl most people like and are friends with but Jillian is the one that every guy drools over. 

This is a certain story in which a certain guy that shall not be my own version of Voldemort, weaseled his way into Jillian's life, almost ruining our friendship forever...

"Hey, hey Q Scott." Jillian says as she shuffled her way over to me in the halls. 

Oh yeah. Did I forget to mention my own name? Hi, I am Quinn Marie Scott. 

"Hey, hey JS." I said with a playful grin on my lips. 

"So how did you spend your weekend neighbor?" she asks me and I sighed dramatically and looked up at the ceiling, "well let's cream, Netflix...more ice cream...more Netflix..." I said and smirked at my, well at least to me, highly productive weekend. 

I got through 5 seasons of Friends this weekend. That's a pretty big accomplishment.

But Jillian didn't see it that way for she rolled her eyes and chuckled, "will you ever leave that room?" I frowned and looked around, pretending to be confused, "funny...I don't remember my room being the hallways." 

Jillian nudged me and laughed in a matter of telling me that I knew what she meant. "You're right. Sorry. But at least I didn't spend my weekend pining and fangirling over the one, the only. Lucas Morgan." I teased and flipped my hair over my shoulder dramatically, then looked at her with an evil grin. 

Big mistake Quinn. 

This is the point where Jillian starts talking about him and every word I get more tired and tired. "How could someone make a human that perfect?" she questioned and I scoffed, finally snapping back into reality. 

"That's a little over the top don't you think?" she shook her head and spoke yet again, "no. you see, over the top would be planning the wedding...he is mine. He just doesn't know it yet." She pointed out with a proud smile.

We continued to stroll down the halls when...we saw him

The Lucas Morgan. He smirked and gave us the nod, "Sup," He say and continued waltzing down the slim hallways, craning his neck, still eyeing Jillian as he walked. 

Jillian gasped and jumped up and down, gripping my arm tightly. "Oh my God! Did you see that?!" I nodded, smiling sarcastically, "Yes I did. Is the fantasy finally over?" I asked, hope filling my soul. 

"What? Are you insane? No! That was just the beginning! The fantasy isn't over until he is mine and I get to live the real life fantasy." 

"Or hell..." I muttered under my breath and looked up, hoping she didn't hear me and thankfully she didn't. 

That could've caused a World War 6. Yeah. It'd be so intense, they'd have to skip over 3, 4, and 5 and just go straight to 6. 

"That boy will be mine." She said, determination filling her eyes and a warningly sinister grin playing upon her lips.

That's her plan face.

God I hate this already.


Hey guys! Hope you like this book so far!

So little background.

This story? Is all true actually. Yes, it is fiction but Quinn? Is me.

This story is about my point of view in this situation. Most stories go from what Jillian's perspective would be but not this time. This story isn't about the girl getting the boy. This story is about the friendship through the girl getting the boy on it's roller coaster of a ride. There's ups and downs, twists and turns. Everything.

This all really happened to me in my life. The events that take place are for most of the part? True.

So please join me on this ride and enjoy it with me!

Thank you guys so much! <3

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