Here Goes Nothing

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Today my parents are leaving me. They're going to leave me with these people I barley even knew. Was I scared? Yes. Was I angry? Yes. Was I gonna try and get through it? Yes.

After saying my good-byes to my parents I walked over to the Martins. They're house was a good sized house considering that only three people lived in it. Now four including me.

I walked up to the door and sighed. This is where I will be staying for the next year is what i kept on thinking to my self. I knocked on the door and heard bustling on the other side. All of a sudden the door sprung open.

"Well hello there! It's nice to meet you Ainsley!" Said an overly peppy woman. She looked to be about forty-five maybe. She had short black hair that was about shoulder length and dark brown eyes.

I mumbled a "Hello" and looked down at the ground.

"Oh honey! Don't be shy! I'm Marcy Martin. It sounds a little silly but that's what i get for marrying that goof inside." When she referred to her husband she jabbed a thumb backwards.

"Sorry, I'm just not good around new people I guess. But anyways, I'm Ainsley and I guess I'm staying here?" That last part came out as a question. I wasn't completely sure if my parents told them or not. Since the whole idea made it seem like they had lost their heads.

"Oh yes honey you will be," She looked around looking for something but i wasn't sure what,"Tanner! Get down here and meet Ainsley! Tell Tyler to come too!"

When she mentioned Tyler I started to panic a little. Sure I've talked to him in hallways and stuff. But never a full conversation or anything.

While I was lost in my thoughts two guys walked down the stairs. Tyler and who I was guessing to be his dad.

"Hello, I'm Tanner Martin. Welcome to my home. I expect you to not mess it up too bad." He said sending what seemed like a warning look.

"Oh Tanner! Leave the poor girl alone. How would you like it if strangers did that to you? Besides she seems like she would keep things well kept. " She said with a warm smile.

I was starting to like Marcy. Her husband was still on the rocky side but Marcy was someone I could come to like.

"Oh! And you must already know Tyler, right?" She asked me while looking in between Tyler and I.

"Yes, we've talked a couple of times." I said while trying not to look at Tyler.

"Well since you guys already know each other then Tyler you can show Ainsley to her room." She said while gently pushing me towards Tyler.

Tyler just shrugged and said "Okay."

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When Tyler showed me the room he just open the door and walked down the hall and went into a room that I was guessing is his.

The room was really nice. It was a light cream color and had a lot of space. The closet was pretty nice too. There was a door that I was guessing led to the bathroom. I started un-packing my items. When i was all done i set my laptop on the desk.

I looked at my phone and it reminded me that I haven't told any of my friends about my predicament. So I decided to do it now. After thinking I decided to call Vivi first. She was the most calm.

One ring

Two rings

Three rings

"Hello?" She answered like she hasn't heard from me in months. Which wasn't true because I talked to her four days ago.

"Hey! Vivi! I have something huge to tell you." I was a little scared and anxious to hear her reaction.

"Ainsley! What is it? Spill." I could hear the anticipation in her voice.

"Well, first off my parents are in California."

"That's so cool! Where are you though?"

This is the part where I was waiting for her reaction.

"I'm staying with Tyler and his family."

There was no sound. I wasn't even sure if Vivian was even breathing. Then there was a sharp in take of breathe.

"OH MY GOAT! I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS! YOU LUCKY DUCK! HE'S SO..SO PERFECT! WHAT IF YOU GUYS HANG OUT A LOT AND GET TOGETHER!" She kept shouting questions and all about how surprised she was. I decided that I should cut her off.

"Vivi! Breathe girl. I am pretty lucky but it also kinda sucks. Ya know because now everything will be different. And I also highly doubt that we will get together. He's him and I'm.. me."

She was silent for a moment then she said, "Whatever. Just remember that anytime you need you can stay with me.Okay?"

"Okay Vivi. I gotta go. Can you do me a favor and tell the others for me. I've handled enough screaming for one night." I really had. Vivi was the calmest and I don't know if I could handle the others.

"Sure, but when school starts you tell us all about how the last weeks of summer went while living under the same roof as Tyler. Got it?"

"Okay Vivian. I got it." I couldn't help but smile at how nosy she was.

"Good. Now get some sleep you don't want Tyler to see a cranky Ainsley tomorrow morning do you? No you don't. So sleep. Bye. " With that she ended the call.

Day one in this house went well. I guess you could say I survived it. Day two may be different but you never know.

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