Ch. 4 The Sohma Curse

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Shigure decided to explain the Sohma Curse to the two girls. Tohru looked in awe while Atsuko held a look of curiosity listening to the truth of the Chinese Zodiac. When Shigure finished, he looked at everyone and smiled. Shigure then looks straight, and he stares at the clock on the wall. 

" It would be best if all of you go to school. We don't want you all to be late," Shigure tells the four teenagers. 

Tohru gasped since she remembers that they have school in the morning. 

" That's right! We have school. Let's go, Atsuko!" Tohru runs passed Atsuko, and Tohru was about to leave the house, but Atsuko stops her. 

" Tohru. You are still in your pajamas," Atsuko tells Tohru since she doesn't want her sister to get humiliated at school for wearing pajamas. 

" O-Oh," Tohru nervously laughs, and she turns to look at the three men. " I'm sorry," Tohru blushes. " I'm going to get ready for school," Tohru quickly runs up the stairs to her bedroom, which she shares with Atsuko. 

A few minutes later, Tohru comes back to the living room in her school uniform, and she is holding her school bag. Tohru politely nods her head at Shigure and the two boys, and she walks out of the house. Atsuko turns to look at Yuki, who is looking at her. 

" I'll see you later," Atsuko tells Yuki. 

Yuki nods his head, and he watched Atsuko leave the house. 

The three Sohma men quietly watched the two girls run. Shigure then turns his head to look at Yuki and Kyo with a neutral expression. 

" Since, they are now in on the secret. I am leaving, " Shigure tells Yuki and Kyo. 

Yuki turns his head to look at Shigure. 

" Are you going to see him?" Yuki asked Shigure since he had a feeling where Shigure is going.  

Shigure quietly stares at Yuki. Shigure turns around, and he walks away, leaving the two teenagers alone in the living room since he has to get ready to see the Head of the Sohma Clan.

 Kyo turns to look at Yuki with an annoyed expression. 

" Why did you two take stupid girls into your house?!" Kyo angrily shouts at Yuki. 

Yuki turns to look at Kyo, and he glares at him. 

" Miss Chouko and her sister aren't stupid. They are far more intelligent unlike you" Yuki tells Kyo while looking at him with slight disgust.

Kyo angrily hissed at Yuki wondering how he is related to an annoying rat. 

" If they are intelligent, how would you explain what happened earlier?" Kyo asked Yuki. 

Yuki annoyingly looks away from Kyo, and he grabbed his school bag when he noticed a purple school bag on the floor. Yuki's eyes widened when he realized that the school bag belongs to Atsuko. Yuki picks it up, and he walks out of the house, ignoring Kyo's shouts to come back and fight him. 

Atsuko and Tohru stopped running when they see their school in the distance. Both girls started to walk since their classes haven't started for the day. Atsuko immediately sees Yuki's fangirls, who were waiting for Yuki to arrive. Atsuko remembered what happened the previous day, and she was about to get her school bag so that she could cover her face, and her eyes widened when she sees that her school bag isn't with her. 

' Ah! I must have forgotten it at the house,' Atsuko tells herself, and she lightly bites her lips, feeling embarrassed since she is worried that Yuki's fangirls would make fun of her. 

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