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After cleaning up from dinner they all made their way to the family room and turned on the telly. Ashton sat on Liam's lap while Niall sat on Gemma's. Zayn sat on the armchair. They were watching Toy Story with the subtitles but Niall was barely paying attention. He was cuddled into Gemma silently crying. Zayn was the one who first noticed and got up to see what was wrong.

"Why the tears babe?"

"Feel icky"

"What hurts?"

"My head, throat, and tummy, and I'm cold but my tummy hurts the most."

"Do you feel like you're going to be sick?"

"No just hurts" Liam had taken notice of the conversation and got up to get some medicine before coming back and kneeling down in front of Niall.

"Drink this"

"Yucky" Niall said before pushing it away.

"Take it love, it'll help you feel better." Niall hesitantly took the cup and drank the medicine, slightly gagging at the taste. "It's not that bad Ni and now you'll feel a little better." Niall just nodded and curled back into Gemma and fell asleep.

It was now eight pm and Niall was still sleeping. Gemma put him in his bed about two hours ago so now they were focusing on Ashton. They decided not to inform Louis of Niall's current situation because it wasn't anything too serious and Louis was probably already stressed out about Harry having surgery.

"Uncle Zee I gots to potty."

"Alright let's go to the toilet then love. After you can have a bath then it's bedtime."

"Ni take bath too?"

"Not today love, Ni isn't feeling well so he's already sleeping." Ashton just nodded and grabbed hold of Zayn's hand as he led him to the loo. Zayn got a warm bubble bath ready while Ashton did his business. When he was done Zayn helped him wipe then flushed before placing him in the tub along with some bath toys.

"This Ni Ni's favourite!" He exclaimed while holding up a rubber bathtime book as Zayn put shampoo in his hair.

"Do you like it too?"

"No cant reads like him. Is Ni Ni more smarter than me?"

"Of course not buddy. You're both smart, just in different ways."

"Oh okay. Uncle Zee?"

"Yes love?"

"I don't thinks Ni Ni loves me." He said sadly. Zayn stopped washing Ashton's hair and looked him in the eyes.

"Of course he does babe, why would you think he doesn't?"

"We barely plays together and he never talks to me." Zayn sighed and tried to figure out how to explain it to Ashton so he'd understand.

"Ash you know how your daddies are trying to teach you to talk with your hands?" Ashton nodded. "Well that's so you can talk to Niall."

"But why cants he talk like I do?"

"Niall can't hear. So he doesn't know how to talk like we do. That's why he uses his hands to talk to us."

"I wants to learn how to hand talk so I can play wit Ni Ni."

"You are learning babe. How about before bed I teach you a few words so you can talk to Ni tomorrow." Ashton nodded enthusiastically causing Zayn to laugh a bit and continue washing Ashton so he could get out of the bath.

It was pitch black when Niall woke up and he was confused. He thought he had just taken a short nap. A swirling feeling started in the pit of his stomach and he pressed his tiny fist there to try and stop it. It worked at first but then it became overwhelming so he slowly slid out of bed and walked down to the first guest room where Liam and Zayn were staying.

Liam immediately woke up at the sound of the door opening because he was a light sleeper, however, Zayn continued to snore. Liam turned on the lamp next to the bed and sat up.
"Everything alright Ni?" Niall shook his head as he began coughing. Liam got up to rub his back but all of a sudden Niall coughed harshly and gagged before throwing up all over the floor. He managed not to get any on himself at first but then he threw up again unexpectedly and he tried to stop it but it ended up just getting all over his hands and shirt as well as the floor. He coughed and sputtered a bit more before breaking out into loud sobs. Liam quickly went over to Zayn's side and shook him awake.

"Leave me alone it's too early."

"Zayn get up I need your help, Niall's throwing up." Zayn quickly sat up and looked at Niall who was crying as he stood in a pile of vomit. "I'll clean this but can you give him a bath and put his clothes in the dirty laundry?" Zayn nodded and picked up Niall. They were almost to the loo when Niall covered his mouth again. Zayn tried to rush him there but Niall ended up throwing up all over the floor in front of the door.

"Alright love it's okay, relax, it's alright. Do you still feel sick?" Niall nodded so Zayn helped him kneel in front of the toilet before going to get Gemma to help. "Gem can you get the laundry started and call Louis? Niall just threw up three times and he's still feeling nauseous." Gemma quickly nodded and got out of bed to start washing the vomit stained clothes.

Zayn had just finished tucking a now sleeping Niall into bed between himself and Liam and was now opening the windows to air out the smell of vomit. He was just getting back into bed when Gemma came in.

"I had to practically beg Louis not to come home and to stay there with Harry. He said the surgery went well and was successful though so that's good. They should be home tomorrow evening."

"Alright thanks Gem." Liam said. They all said goodnight before Gemma left the room to go back to hers. They quickly fell asleep, hoping Niall would feel a lot better when he woke up the next morning.

How do you feel about what Ashton said about Niall?

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