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Your mind becoming conscious as you were hearing voices. Your eyes opening up with a blurry film over them. Then you could see Raphael's jaw as he was watching and listening to the Dr.'s talk. You had a major migraine as your tried to lift your neck but you laid back down. Raph look down at you. "How you feeling." He asked. You groaned "I'm..really hungry." He chuckled. You woke up with a white quilt like material covering your naked body. you tried rearranging yourself but your body on its own plopped back down to the table. "Raph..I think they broke me." A slanted smile rose to his face. "Miss L/n, how are you feeling." "I feel really tired and hungry." "Expected. Now do you feel any pains." she asked as she hugged her clip board to her chest. you moved a bit as you finally sat up and then tried to twist to your left then your right. "Not yet." "Alight." "Most of the surgery was on your blood and we did replace all your kidney's with new healthy ones. We also at a certain point in time took almost all your blood out of your body and replaced that with the help of the donations from two months ago. Don't worry, Theirs no Aids, no mysterious diseases. So don't fret about that. You will need about a month and half of rest. No running. No exercising. No nothing." "What if you didn't get rid of all of the mutation and it comes back while I'm recovering." "It wont. But if it does Call me imiediately." She instructed as she gave you her card. "I wouldnt suggest staying here the night. I think you should go home. Ill get you a wheelchair." "How will i stay in hiding with you guys away from my mom if im in a wheelchair?" You asked raphael. He shrugged "maybe its time to meet the parents." "You wanna meet my parents? What are you insaine." "Ill find a way for them to not know im a turtle." "How?" "I got it. Dont worry." 'Oh dear whats he thinking.' You worried. *~*next scene*~* you were being pushed in a wheelchair by casey. "Thanks for doing this casey." "Yeaa no problem. Besides. It'll be nice to have a pretend girlfriend again." He teased. You smiled but that smile faded as soon you came up to your building. You exhaled. "Here we go.." You prepared yourself. You two went up the cement pavements "wweee.." Casey trying to make it fun with his fake girly voice. You giggled as you were pushed through the doors and up through the Elevator. You arrived at you dad's apartment. "Alright..Lets get this over with." You knocked on the door. Your mom was the one to answer it. When she looked at you She looked like her head was about to come off. "Y/N! What happened!" " I had surgery. And i can't move for 1 1/2 months." "Oh My god! Baby! (She touched your jaw gently) -she groaned- now you can't come with me and I have to go back to work tomorrow at latest." She stopped touching your jaw and looked up. Her eyes glowed a bit when she saw Casey. "and who's this?" she asked. "This..This is my boyfriend." "Oh he's good lookin'. Why don't you comes on in and just sit down with her a the couch. "Thank you, Mrs. L/N." Casey thanked "Oh please just call me, Jane." "Alright..(he leaned over a bit towards her) jane..;)" he winked. "Oh he's such a charmer." you rolled your eyes and you looked over at the window to see Raphael watching you guys. Your eyes widened. You got out your phone.
What are you doing - you texted
Keeping an eye on Casey to how it goes (¬_¬) - He texted back
ಠ╭╮ಠ - you texted
whats with the face?? - him

you were about to text him back but your mom interrupted you. "Y/N.." "yea mom?" "again, whats your boyfriends name." 'oh crap, do i say Raphael or Casey???' "Y/N?" Casey stood in for you "Names Casey." he held his hand out. "Very nice to meet you." Blah blah blah lots of stuff happened. "Alright well i gotta go. I'll see you later, love bug." Casey good byed. "Alright see you later...Love bug." He smiled as he stared at you. "I love youuu.." (• ε •) You looked at your mom and then back at him "I love you too." -.- He then leaned in and kisses your lips as you looked away and then it ended. He got up and walked out the doorway. "He seems nice." your mom acting as if he's god. You looked over your shoulder to see Raphael gone. 'crap..' is all you thought. Later you called Casey.

Him: Whats up, babycakes.

you: Shaddup.

He giggled. You: You know what I've been dealing with for the rest of the night?

him: mm dreamingly doodling Mrs. Casey Jones in a note book.

You rolled your eyes

You: Listening to my mom going on and on about what a wonderful guy you are.

Him: you gotta admit i am delightful.

you: ugh. . why are you making this so difficult?!

Him: its not difficult for me. I'm having fun! you could hear him laughing
you: Casey....
him: what do you want me to do? You started this. Do you want me to go to over there and tell your mom we're arent dating and your dating a Ninja turtle who i might add, is a mutant. Can't say that'll go well for her grandchildren.
You: No!
him: well what do you want
you: idk
him: Don't you think that something you should've figured out before you called me.
you: ....Maybe
Him: Aright well i loveee yooouuu
you: shut up..
Hang up

- Next morning. Your mom goes out to check the mail box your dad Never checks to see a pile and a half of stuff. She turned around to see Casey kissing April. She ran upstairs to tell you. "Y/N! I saw your boyfriend kissing another girl. ON the lips!" º _ º 'o what' you thought. Casey came in "Hey everyone!" "Don't hey us! I just saw you kiss another girl!" "dear lord, mom. Might as well be me wh dont you." You commented. "I should say..That was my sister." "Oh..Oh casey, i'm sorry. I just dont want anyone hurting my baby girl." "Its ok, jane. I understand."

About 3 days later after your mom left. Its a Saturday morning. Raphael helped you move into the turtles home. Your laying in his bed on your laptop watching YouTube Vines and Facebook time to time. Casey came in to see you along with april. "Hey love bug. How you feeling." you rolled your eyes. "you do realize we arent dating." "not according to your mom." ಠ_ಥ <-- your face "hey april (:" you greeted "Hey y/n. how are you. You must be exhausted. "oh i am. can't wait for my sherbet." she giggled "We just came by to see how you are. We're on our way to our first date." "OH where you going??" "We are going to the most expensive place there is..wait for it!...We're going toooo...McDonalds!" you laughed "well have fun with that. I wish we could double but given my state (Not to mention Raph's)" "well i'll you later, dollface." "WE'RE NOT DATING!" you yelled to casey whom already left the room. Raph walked in and sat next to you. "How you feeling." "I'm alright. I feel lightheaded and bit head-achy too but i'm alright." He smiled with his lips closed and then leaned in to kiss you on the forehead. "where's my sherbet." you whined like a child. "Its coming. we ran out so i told april to get a pint while she was out." "meh.." "Well meh to you too, butthead." "Beavis.." you commented back. He laughed and patted your hand before he left. Once he left, you felt lonely. You felt like you were the only one in the turtles home and no one else was here. You then heard a knock on the door. you looked up to see leonardo. "Leo-Chan! Come on in!" you greeted happily. he smiled with a small chuckle. "How you feeling." He asked as he sat pretzel style on the floor. "I'm alright. I'm a bit snackish for something crunchy but i'm awesome. My back is really sore though." "I can imagine." "Aren't you usually training at this time." "Yea but i decided to skip today's." "whhaaaa.." "hehehe yeaaa I figured i'd stay and chill with you for awhile." "Dawe your so sweet." you sounded like you were talking to a chihuahua. He laughed as he leaned against the wall. "So what are you gonna be doing while being cooped up in hither." "Um just watch YouTubes videos, Maybe do some crappy pictures on Paint, I don't know. Random stuff." "Mind if I join you on the bed and watch videos with you." Nah bruh come on up and join the party." you did some tiny dance moves with your hands. He crawled onto raph's bed and scooted closer to you with his hands helping him. He watched YouTube videos with you for like 4 hours. Raph would poke his head in once in a while to make sure Leo wasn't doing anything. Leo had his legs crossed as his back was against pillows. To be continued My ninjas

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