Tsukiko had no siblings nor cousins around her age, and despite saying she was lucky for that, she envied how some of her friends complained about their siblings. Ever since she met Taiyou-kun, she wanted to play the big sister role. But not only the boy was more polite and calm than she was, somehow Tsukiko kept showing only her lame side.

Is this my punishment for trying to be what I'm not? She thought, tiny tears forming in the corner of her eyes. Almost at the same time, her belly growled loudly. Why is my luck completely against me? She hugged her stomach. Did he hear? It wasn't that loud...

"If you're hungry..." He shot down her hopes almost right away. "I mean, if you don't mind..." he said in his ever polite and low voice.

Despite talking in the same tone, for some reason the image of Taiyou-kun' cheeks reddening a bit came to her mind. But probably nowhere near as mine. Tsukiko dropped her shoulders; the thought gave her no comfortable.

"I would like to invite you for breakfast..."

Her mouth was open for a moment... then her lips curled into a smile. "Yes! I'll be there in a second!" Tsukiko quickly threw the covers aside and ran to the neighbor.

Taiyou-kun opened the door before she knocked thrice. He looks too cute in his pajamas, she thought, smiling. But her smile soon became smaller when she realized she was wearing her pajamas too. Damn it! I should've changed! Why didn't I change...? There's nothing I can do now. She dropped her shoulders in defeat. Guess I was never meant to play the big sister role with him.

His apartment was as big as hers, and just as organized, though there was a major difference; the decoration. Her father never care about it. Apart from the basics, most rooms seemed as if they had moved in recently. Only her bedroom and her study room, which she called that for no real reason since she's never really used for that purpose, were fully decorated.

Taiyou-kun' apartment was a home. Tsukiko knew five women lived here with the boy's aunt, but since they all moved out recently, she expected the apartment to be just as empty. But the girl was wrong. Everywhere she looked there was something showing a happy family lived here. The beautiful wallpaper, the trophy case, the neatly organized DVDs and BDs, the rug. The walls and the tables were covered with pictures of Taiyou-kun' aunt with another woman holding a baby, with the boy's mother, with him and his mother, with two elderly hugging him, the aunt with the elderly couple, and many more, each and every one filled with smiles.

So he can smile like this, Tsukiko thought, picking up a framed photo, a smile own appearing on her own lips. I wanna see... There were pictures of her and her father in their apartment, but it wasn't anything like this. All this family love embraced her, and she couldn't help but feel the warmth

Taiyou-kun went to the kitchen. Tsukiko put the frame down and trailed after him. Even if she wasn't in the mood for pre-made food, she wouldn't mind if it were with company. But when the boy grabbed an apron, opened the fridge and placed an egg carton on counter, Tsukiko widened her eyes.

"You're gonna cook?" the words came out of her lips before she could stop them.

He tilted his head, the eyes narrowing slightly. "Yes," he said his low tone before taking other ingredients and closing the fridge.

Suddenly Tsukiko had trouble holding her tongue. Her real question now was if the boy knew how to cook. She tried her hardest to keep quiet though. Asking that would only show another part of her who couldn't do something a kid two, three years younger than her could. I'm so hopeless, she thought, sighing in her mind.

The feeling of defeat grew inside her again. She had to do something, she just had no idea what. "Let me help," Tsukiko said out of impulse. But the moment the words came out, she regretted immediately and hoped the boy would refuse. Given his over the top politeness, there's a big chance... I'm so lame I've got to depend on a kid politeness, she thought, a hollow laugh echoing in her mind.

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