II. Vomit

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My hands circled his neck weakly.

He gave me a lazy smile as he leaned in closer. The dress hitched far beyond what I'd allow. I immediately felt uncomfortable. I didn't know how to say it without hurting him. 

I began to squirm under his drunk daze, and did not know what to do. Anger flashed in his eyes, and he pulled me with force. I was overwhelmed and way out of my comfort zone. I pulled away, trying to simply let go. But he wouldn't budge. It only became worse.

"Frans. "

I gave him an earnest look of sadness, yet he returned nothing. He was doing things I did not want.

"Frans. "

I repeated my words, feeling their useless power from my tongue. Tears spilled.

I began to forcibly push on his chest and do my best, but to no avail. He loured at my resistance.

He overcame me and he was everywhere. He was all I could see. He hovered over me and looked down at me with a look that terrified me. 

I was crazy for ever thinking this guy was funny. For thinking this guy was cute. He was a man of my nightmares. He was a monster.

These thoughts continuously played themselves as I stared onto the ceiling. That was all I could do.

All I could do. As he did everything, all  he wanted to do, I did all I could do. Nothing, absolutely nothing. I choked with tears and wanted to vomit. I felt gross and disgusted, but what was more gross was him, in me. 

The tears spilling and heavy chest was overwhelming, I started to vomit. I vomited on his face.

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