Chap. 7

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Sarah Campbell

"Why do you look like your favorite goldfish just got flushed down the toilet?" Joel asked me, leaning against the elliptical

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"Why do you look like your favorite goldfish just got flushed down the toilet?" Joel asked me, leaning against the elliptical.

"Fucking Adam Watson," I answered, a bit breathlessly.

I hate working out. With a burning passion. But in order to avoid the Freshman Fifteen I hear so much about, I'd decided to start hitting the gym periodically with Joel.

"I hope you're not fucking Adam Watson."

I shot him a glare, which caused him to crack up as he walked away, onto his next workout adventure.

Joel was a sadist in the gym, torturing himself twice a day.

I felt rewarded just for showing up.

After completing a solid thirty minutes of cardio, I stepped down off of the elliptical, wiping my face as I went to shower off.

I knew that Joel wasn't going to be close to done, so I'd agreed to meet him later today for brunch or an early lunch, depending on what time he finished.

For now I had a situation to take care of.

I went back to my dorm and showered off before heading over to Adam's dorm, information that was included in his packet.

I'm not sure that he's aware of that. But he's in for quite the shock.

I flashed my peer mentor badge as I walked in, since technically I wasn't allowed access inside the boys' dormitories, especially the athletes.

After double-checking my status, they personally lead me upstairs to Adam's dorm, I guess to be sure I wasn't here to secretly meet up with another athlete.

I knocked twice, leaning against the wall outside.

No answer.

I knocked again, unwilling to leave until I talked to someone.

After a few minutes, a disgruntled African-American male came to the door, shooting me a glare. "Who the fuck are you and why are you knocking on my door? Do you realize that it's 9:30 and I already had conditioning this morning? Fuck off."

"The name's Sarah. I'm looking for Adam?"

He gave me a onceover, his glare softening a bit. "Sarah as in Adam's Sarah?"

"Never say that again."

He opened the door a little wider, indicating for me to come in. "He's asleep. He'll be pissed if you wake him up, but that's your business."

I let myself inside, my eyes glancing over Adam's dorm.

The lights were off, but the curtains were pulled back a bit, letting in some natural light, but not too much to where it looked like daytime.

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