Hey guys! OMG HAHAHA. While i was making an update for "I'll Be Yours Forever," I decided to read this book and re edit it. I've read all the comments here and you guys are the best. Some chapters or should I say ALL of the chapters were super short, but I wrote that when I was 14 and to be honest, my grammar was so bad-I have no idea why Im even part of the top 5 im English😂😂

So I read the comments and I saw I should make a sequel. If you guys still read this book, then HELL YES I WILL. I promise you guys that I will make the chapters longer and my grammar will be better😂😂😂😂

By the way, my second book, "Mr. Alpha and I," I decided to delete it since I stopped writing it. Right now I'm writing "I'll Be Yours Forever," and trust me, it's going to have a sad and happy ending.

I hope you guys vote, share, and comment. See you guys! Thank you💞

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