chapter 8

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Merediths pov

Ethan stares at Grayson and I with jealousy in is eyes (a/n oh shit that rhymes)

Please it was obvious

Ethan stops looking at Grayson and starts looking at me

"Meredith, please"

I looked back at Grayson and dug my head into his chest

"Ethan was hooking up with Chloe" I mumble

Graysons head shots straight up grabbing my arms by the sides tightly and pulls me back I know it's gonna leave bruises

He pushes me slightly out the way and approaches Ethan.

I single tear runs down my face as I rub my arm in pain

I lift up my sleeve seeing purple reddish huge bruise on my arm

It went from the lower part of my shoulder to the the middle between my shoulder and my elbow it hurt bad

Ethan looks at me which causes Grayson to look at me

His anger drops as he sees my arm

"M-m-Meredith" Ethan buts in "look of what you did now Grayson!"

He puts his hand up in front of Ethan's face signalling Ethan to shut up

He walks up to me grabbing my face then my arm to expect it

"Did I do this to you?"

I pull my arm away wiping my cheek as another comes rushing down.

"Well fucking done Grayson!" Grayson turns to Ethan.

"Get out!" Ethan is startled "No!"

Grayson pushes Ethan out the door.

"Don't ruin that girls life grays-!"

Ethan is cut off by Grayson kicking the door closed.

Oh shit


This is so short sorry

But I've been really busy lately but next chapter will be a little longer😁

Till next time

Peace ✌🏼️💗

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