New Agreement (6)

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After being blatantly insulted in the hallway I dragged Noah off with me to the library where often nobody ever was.

Once at a table I went and let go of Noah knowing he was perfectly capable of walking himself and dropped off my bag at the table before stalking off to find a book.

“Rory, are you alright?” Noah asked not stuttering.

I nodded scanning through the books looking for a book I hadn’t read yet.

“Yep, just dandy Noah.” I said trying not to be bitter.

“Rory s-stop with this crap. Alright? Where did you get the black eye? Do you need to go to a hospital ‘cause I c-can take you.” Noah said.

I signed, “I’m alright Noah, just got in a fight when I went out last night.”

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Noah shake his head in anger.

“Fine. If you don’t what to fucking tell me then t-that’s fine Rory, just go ahead and put up your wall and not let anybody h-help you. T-that’s fine by fucking me.” With that Noah gathered his stuff and left me in silence.

I let out a groan of frustration crumpling down to the ground with my back against the book shelf I rested my arms on my knees and leaned in as far as I could blocking the world out.

It wasn’t like I didn’t want to tell Noah, or anybody at that much it was that I couldn’t.

If I told anyone what was happening then I would be moved. Why would I want to go to some other home that I will live in for few more months in and know nobody what’s so ever. With my luck I would wound up in another abusive home.

“I’m sorry about her I-I don’t know what go into her. Really, she’s normally never like that.”

Looking up from my small shell I saw the one and only Gram.

Just what I wanted.


After Rory and Noah abruptly left the hall I turned to my smug girlfriend who looked very pleased with herself.

“What they hell was that about?” I asked my blood seeming to boil.

“Nothing that slut needed to be put back in her place at the bottom of the food chain.”

“What’s wrong with you?” I asked before stomping off to find Rory and apologize for my girlfriends’ behavior.

Going up to where I last saw Rory I looked up and saw Rory’s little friend Noah leaving the library upstairs.

Turning around I went for the stairs and jogged up to the library.

Noah passed me with a small hurt glance. I was about to keep walking but I turned and said, “Hey! I’m sorry about what Shana said…I don’t know what got into her…”

The blonde boy nodded his head in thanks then continued on walking down the stairs.

I turned around and went back to my original mission to find Rory.

When I entered the library my eyes immediately fell on Rory whose blonde hair coated her shoulders and tumbled down her back. She sat in the fetal position but looked to be asleep.

Standing there I watched her.

The way her chest expanded when she took a breath was soothing. Her hair sometimes slid into place while the other just stayed in the same place. Her nails were panted dark blue, but were chipped. Looking up her arms I saw that they were dark patches, like healing bruises…

“I’m sorry about her I-I don’t know what go into her. Really, she’s normally never like that.” I barely even recognize my voice when I spoke to this mysterious girl.

She looked up at me from her place and looked very irritated. “Apology not excepted. Now, I’m only going to tell you this nicely once,” She said almost sickly sweet before changing her whole demeanor. “Leave me the hell alone.”

Sitting down beside her I gained some confidence, “No can do Princess, we have a project to do.”

“Ya well I changed my mind. I don’t want to do the stupid thing.”

“Come on Rory, this again.”

“Fine, I’ll do the project just not with the likes of you.

I groaned in frustration of getting nowhere with this girl. Then I got an idea. “Well I have a proposition to make.”

“Err what don’t you get about the term ‘no’?” She asked.

“I’ll cut you a deal. I noticed how protective you are of Noah and I also realize sometimes your not here for a period of time. I’ll watch out for Noah whenever you’re not around and in return we finish this essay together and well.”

“How do I know you aren’t just gonna pull a fast one on me and say ‘well the deal for me watching Noah only lasts a day’”-Rory said imitating a mans voice which was a mockery of me-“Huh? Or how do I know your not just gonna jump in on it?”

“I promise you Rory, I won’t let anything happen to Noah by me or someone else. And I’ll watch over him until the essay’s done and turned in.”

She stayed quite after that deep in thought.

“Ok, I will.”

My face lit up.

I get to spend time with this mysterious and ho-No. I get to finish my essay. I thought setting myself straight.

Rory still looked a little bit suspicious but she said, “Yes, as long as you keep your side of the deal I’ll keep mine.”

I smiled, “Alrighty then I’ll pick you up at your house.”

“No.” She said snapping at me.

“Fine, original plan? Meet up at the library?”

She nodded. “Ya I’ll be there. When’s your practice thing over?”

“Practice should be over about four or so.” I told her.

“Alright. I’ll be there but I’ll warn you once Gram if something happens to Noah on your watch your going to regret the day you made this deal with me.”

Locking eyes with her I said, “I know.”

Breaking our stare Rory swallowed and said “Good, now that we got that out of the way I’ll be on my way thank you very much.”

Pushing herself up and walking towards the table Rory gave me one last look and said, “See ya later Gram.”

I just sat there and smiled at myself.


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