Chapter 14 An Interesting Conversation.

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A/N Sorry about the faffing about, here is the new chapter 14, a bit different from the last one you read, but more interesting I think. Watch out for the next chapter when there is a meeting of our would be lovers.

Millie finished her dinner. She was shocked to hear Gary's account of Sabrina's death. She must have loved Gabriel to go back to him, or was it as Gary said she just loved the lifestyle of being with one of the most famous men in the world at that time.

"Where did the crash happen Gary?" she asked

"On the way back to London, she had been living with me on my boat."

"Was she going back to Nick's house, if they are in London that's where they live these days, was it different then?" Millie asked. If Gabriel had married this woman would he really want her in the same bed as Nick?

"Oh no, Gabriel had an apartment, fabulous place it was, down by the river Thames, we coastal boys like to see water each day you know."

Hmm, that was new to Millie, an apartment down by the Thames, they had never mentioned that. Did Gabriel still own it? Surely he must be renting it out you don't sell something like that, not when you can make lots of money out of it. She couldn't imagine Richie Howlett would be very pleased if he'd sold it.

"So what happened, did you have a row with her?"

Gary was silent for a minute or two, "She was going to tell him that she wanted a divorce. She refused to do it on the phone, said she had to ask him to his face. She was honourable in that way."

I should think so too, thought Millie. How could anyone even think of asking for a divorce by phone or text? She had never been in that position and she was sure it was difficult but even so there had to be some respect.

So Sabrina had got fed up with Gabriel, she couldn't think why unless he was completely different now to how he was then. No matter if Gabriel had shocked her today he was the kindest gentlest man she had ever met. Yeah he had his moments, but even so.

"So what had Gabriel done that she wanted a divorce?"

Again there was silence for a minute. "Would you like another drink Millie?"

"Oh let me get these." she offered.

"No, no woman buys me a drink, I'll get them." Gary stood up

"Oh okay." Millie sat back in her chair. She really must text Nick and Gabe, she knew they would be worried about her. She looked at her phone and made a decision.

"Gabe, I hope you understand but I need a couple of days out. I'll text you later don't worry about me. xxx"

She sent Nick the same message. Feeling very relieved that she had done that, and that she had some time to herself. she settled back to see what more Gary could tell her.

Her phone bleeped with a text message almost immediately.

"Millie, I am so sorry if you were upset. We would both love to explain all this to you when you are ready. Please let us book you into a suite in a hotel we just want you to be safe. xxx"

Crickey does this little place have hotels with suites in it? Perhaps that was in the town but she couldn't let them do that this was her decision. Tomorrow she would go to the town and see for herself.

Gary ordered the drinks, he needed a few minutes to concoct his story he'd make Gabriel pay this time. When he looked back at the girl she was busy texting on her phone, he wondered if it was Gabriel she was texting. She definitely wouldn't want anything else to do with him when he'd finished telling her his story.

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