ch.5: i get found out

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Ch.5: I get found out

Percy's pov

apparently you're not suppost to make a mess in a mess hall. why you're not suppost to, I have no idea. it makes no sense to name a hall a mess hall if it's not suppost to be to make a mess. I found that out when I asked a nymph why the dinning pavilion got named the mess hall. I hade tried to make a joke and said "what are you suppost to do, make a mess?" the nymph hade just rolled her eyes and walked away

the conch horn hade blown and we all gathered in a line at the door to start roll call be for heading to the mess hall. ( apparently some Hermes kids burned down the dinning pavilion on accident during a prank. ). I looked at the line knowing full well that everyone was in line, "all right" I said "death, delusion, bandit, thief, flower, and electric." after saying each name I heard a here. we headed down to the mess hall.

hall didn't really cover it. it was still in a pavilion but the tables were larger, and there was a lot more tables. the pavilion looked the same, but it still looked different, if that made any sense. the epsilon army sat down at our table. the table was huge and we hade so much space to move around. we hade been the first group of people to the mess hall and now people started to pour in. and when I say people I mean everyone..... and sadly including the gods.

seeing Annabeth was hard, seeing my dad was even harder. he looked so old, even worse then when his palace was under attack. I quickly looked away, guilt settling in my stomach. I hade been starving before and as the nymphs brought food around I suddenly didn't feel so hungry. I sat there looking at my food. I could feel all the eyes of the gods looking at our table along with a few curious eyes that belonged to campers.

chaos had left right when Annabeth showed use were to go. he hade said something about "having to check on the enemy" and "going to go check how earth is doing," so he hade left a while ago.

Chiron galloped into the hall and stopped were everyone could see him. he stomped his hoove to get everyone's attention. he cleared his voice and then announced "the romans will be here tomorrow and that means we will have a game of capter the flag!" everyone cheered. he motioned with his hand for everyone to quite down and then continued "it will not be fair for use to have the whole army of epsilon on our side so we will have three of them with the romans and four of them with use." there was some groans and some cheers.

after that announcement everyone hade started burning there food. I did to just out of respect. as I walked up to the fire everyone's eyes were on me. I looked around and dumped my whole plate of food in the fire and sat back down. a nymph came walking by that I recognized as juniper. she sat down at our table and said "hi guys." I looked at her and so did everyone else at my table. in an instant I new that she new who we were.


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