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13.8.16- I decided to continue this book. So no need to read this note.


You guys probably think that I'm a bitch. Truth is- I am.

I'm really sorry for not updating for a whole month....err months.

I have decided to keep this story on hold for sometime. Because the story's plot is all messed up. I am gonna make it okay and upload a better version of psychopath.

Chanel. Vitale. George. Maria. Etc everyone will be there, no worries.

And so I m sorry. But hey! For you guys I have wrote a new novel. Check it out because I am hundred percent sure I will not abandon it in middle.

Please understand me. Psychopath was going away from the plot.

I know I disappeared. First of all our PC was damaged, like all my chapters and other stories flew away with it. And then my annoying bro uninstalled the wattpad app. I don't have WiFi (my parents think WiFi's gonna effect my studies. But they told after grade 10 they are gonna give it to me sooo yea 1 year) and all so I'm suffering from scarcity of internet. lol.

I promise I will write a better version of it.

Till then,

Happy living.

Bye guys!

Ps: I ask you guys' forgiveness, I am really sorry for this. And to make it up to you guys, I uploaded a new story.

Check it out :D


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