Chapter 25 | My Birthday

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June 11th

We just graduated yesterday and I already miss school, that's what kept me occupied. Oh, I'm also 7 months, yay me!

Chris has continued blowing up my phone everyday, nothing new.

" Someone is turning 18 in 2 weeks ! " August said jumping on my bed

" Get out " I said turning over

" Why you not excited ? "

" Give me all the reasons to be excited "

" Because, you legal, you grown, and you on yo grown woman shit. "

" See, all of that is the same thing " I said rolling my eyes and leaving out the room

" Where you going ? "

" For a damn walk "

" You ain't white, you know yo ass a get snatched doing that shit at 9 at night, you better go sit down, and you pregnant ... Naw , go sit back down. "

I turned and looked around, " Nick Rios, is that you? " I said looking around, trying to be funny.

" I do what I want " I said rolling my eyes

" Maria, I'm not trying to be your dad, your boyfriend, or your big brother , just a friend. More like a Bestfriend and I'm just telling you what I think is best. From the kindness of my heart and also cause I care..I don't want you to get harmed and you're 2 months away from having your daughter. Nothing needs to happen. What are you taking a walk for anyway? "

" I don't know " I said shrugging my shoulders, I really don't know why.

" Just to clear my head, get a peace of mind. "

" Well you can go for a ride "

" I'm fine, I don't even want to go nomore. I need to go sit down anyway. "

" There you go, we can go downstairs and look at a movie or something "

" Okay, that's fine. I'll be down .. "

" Alright, I'm about to go find something for us to watch, scary or comedy? "

" You already know " I side smiled.

August was right and he had nothing but good and true intentions for my well being so I can't even get mad or stay mad at him for telling me
not to go.

Let me head downstairs so we can get this movie started. Feels like I haven't sat down and looked at one in forever.


" Augguuuust , What do I doooo ? " I said whining.

" Well what do you want to do? "
It's at least 4 days until my birthday and I have no idea what I want to do for it. At first I didn't care , but as it came closer, I started thinking about it. I'm close to saying that I don't want to do anything. Nothing's going right anyway, why try ?

" I don't know... " I said pouting. Now I want to cry because , I want to do something... But I don't know what.

I'm so bipolar sometimes..

" We'll figure something out " he said as he left from Wendy's to Popeyes.

I really wanted some chicken and he wanted Wendy's... And he didn't mind detouring afterwards to get it.

12:00 AM June 26th

' Yeah, Birthday, it's your birthday
If I die bury me inside the Louis store.
They ask me what I do and who I do it for
And how I come up with this shit up in the studio. All I want for my birthday is a big booty hoe '

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