Chapter Three

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I gasped for air as I stood outside the nurse's office. I'm fine, I made it. I should be safe and hidden away here for the rest of the day. I sighed a breath of relief as I stepped into the office.

"May I help you?" asked a middle aged women sitting behind a desk.

"Um, ya. I'm feeling quite dizzy all of a sudden, can I lie down for a bit." I asked placing one hand over my eyes and the other on the wall. I have to make it convincing if she's gonna buy my story.

"Yes of course, come this way dear." The nurse got up from her desk and lead me by the elbow to a side room. She brought me into the room and had me sit down on a cot.

"If you need anything just call." I swung my legs up onto the cot as she left the room. I melted into the fabric with yet another sigh of relief.

"Ugh, what am I gonna do.." I whispered to myself draping my arm over my eyes. This hasn't happened since we moved from our last house, I really would prefer if we didn't have to leave yet again because there are werewolves here!

It can't be helped can it? There are always gonna be one or two werewolves wherever I go! Thank god they can only sense us at night, but they would definitely be suspicious of a freakishly pale girl walking about anytime of day.

This can't be my life, I can't live this way! I can't keep running away from my fears, even if it means staring the wolf dead straight in the face, I'll be tough!

I'll be tough, but I'll be dead! No werewolf would give up the chance at being normal for once, I know I wouldn't.

Our blood, the blood of a salio, is their only cure. Their only chance at being human. All they have to do is kill one of us with their fangs flashing, in their wolf form. And poof! They would become human.

I'm tired of running... Tonight I'll go walking around town by myself. I'll cure one of them as my one last act of kindness on this planet. I'm so sorry mom...

I sighed and rolled over onto my stomach and buried my face into the cot. This was it, no changing my mind

Sorry Luna, I can't do it anymore, be as helpful with the others as you were with me...

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