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Hello! Deltoraquestgirl here,

This is my sixth fanfiction (of warrior cats) that i've wrote.

My first one was "Hollykit's journey" but unfortunetly, I won't be able to post it here, because I don't have the files with my published version,

The apprentice/warrior named "Hollypaw" (Hollypool) is me...

And there's alot of my friends (With their warrior names) in this, and this story is very close to my heart.

but still, i hope you enjoy!!!

“I’m really alone again… My family is dead. My friends hate me. No one loves me anymore… I’m all alone.” Nightpaw blurted out, watching her reflection quiver in the icy water.

-Six moons earlier-

“Nightpaw?! Nightpaw! It’s time for training!” Nightpaw heard her beautiful, funny and kind mentor, Swiftfire.

“I’m right here!” Nightpaw jumped over a shrub.

“Good. Come to the training hollow. I’m going to teach you defence.” Swiftfire licked Nightpaw’s forehead.

Once the two she-cats came back from training, Scarstar-The kind, good-natured, leader-Came up to them. Nightpaw looked in awe at the strong, kind leader.

“Nightpaw, congratulations on becoming an apprentice, I’m sure you will be great.” Scarstar mewed and then he left.

“Hehe… he will never guess will he?” Berrydrop laughed.

“Shut up Berrydrop! We all know you like messing with cats.” Swiftfire hissed.

“Pshhh fine.” Berrydrop stalked off. Nightpaw nodded thankfully at Swiftfire, and then ran out of camp. As soon as she left the clearing she heard paw steps “Who’s that?” She wondered. But she soon ignored the sound, and reached a small pond.

“Hey there!” A spotty cat leapt onto Nightpaw.

“Mimmy! Where’d you come from?” Nightpaw screeched.

“Hehe. Sorry, I thought you were Artqueen, have you seen her?” Mimmy giggled.

“No sorry.” Nightpaw watched as the beautiful medicine cat left. “Why does Mimmy need Artqueen?” She wondered.

As the apprentice came back to camp, a naming ceremony was beginning. Nightpaw sat on the side, and felt confused as a Kittypet called “Night” was becoming an apprentice.

“Hollypaw!” a couple of cats called at the end of the ceremony, while others just glared at the she-cat.

Scarstar leapt off High rock, and landed next to Nightpaw and Swiftfire.

“Swiftfire, would you mind if Hollypaw and Swiftwater trained with you? Swiftwater is a new warrior, and she now has an apprentice.” Scarstar meowed.

“Of course.” Swiftfire licked Hollypaw on her shoulder, as Swiftwater watched unhappily. But to Nightpaw’s surprise, Hollypaw stepped back quicker than Scarstar swipes birds.

“Don’t worry, I’m no Yellowspark.” Nightpaw saw Scarstar flinch, as if he was scared of the name.

Hollypaw nodded thankfully, and Nightpaw mewed “Let’s go say hi to the elders.”

Hollypaw followed Nightpaw into the elders’ den. “Hello there.” A small tom-cat with one ear came up to the apprentices.

“Hi Noear! Can you tell us a tale about Scarstar?” Nightpaw chirped.

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