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A/N: as Im going through rereading these old fics Im internally killing myself, because holy shit this is cringy. So to any new readers, I'd ask if you could please read one of my newer oneshots before judging my writing. Thanks!

"Frankie?" gerard asked quietly.

"yeah?" Frankie replied leaning his head on Gerards shoulder.

"I love you" Gerard whispered looking in to Frankies golden eyes.

"I love you too Gerard" Frankie whispered back. The two had been sitting on the couch together for hours before Frankie decided to crawl on to Gerards lap and snuggle into his chest "It's weird that we dont sleep" Frankie whispered "Its so quiet and peaceful at night, and all we can do is sit around and wait til' day."

"Yeah" Gerard said before wrapping his arms around Frankie who was curled up on his lap. "I miss being human sometimes" Gerard whispered.

"There are some good things about being undead" Frankie said sitting up.

"like what?" Gerard asked before Frankie turned to face him, and kissed him softly at first then more rough. Frankie smiled and sighed, as he grabbed Gerards hands in his own and decided to travel down gerards jaw, and neck to his collar bone, and on his way left a trail of red spots, and bite marks from his fangs. Gerard curled his toes as Frank bit his neck and stood up, with frank still holding on to him he walked over to the wall on the other side of the room where he pulled Frankie off and shoved him some what hard into the wall then kissed the shorter boy gently on the lips while holding his waist still. Gerard pulled his face away from Frank's for a few seconds and bit his lip.

"god your beautiful" he whispered looking at Frankie then picked him up and carried him back to the couch. Frankie sat on Gerards lap staring into his eyes for a couple seconds before pinning Gerards hands down with his own, which wasnt difficult, due to Gerard not trying to pull away, he just went with it. After a while Gerard pulled his hands free and clawed at the back of Frankie's shirt as Frankie pulled on his tie. "Fuck" Gerard sighed.

"What?" Frankie asked somewhat surprised.

"Stop trying to undress me" he whispered "just kiss me" Frankie sighed.

"please" he begged. Gerard shook his head before grabbing Franks slightly defeated looking face in his hands.

"You can take off my shirt but thats it" he said running his hands through Frankies hair. Frankie looked up and smiled as he untied Gerards tie and slowly unbuttoned his shirt revealing his pale flesh. Frankie placed his hands on Gerards shoulders and held him down as he brought his trail of red spots from Gerards collarbone down to Gerards chest and the sides of his ribs, then would trace every mark gently looking at it and comparing it to the others. Frankie smiled content with the markings he left on Gerards skin. "Are you done?" gerard asked Frankie who was admiring his 'art' as he called it.

"I dont know" Frankie said quietly still looking at Gerard and his beautiful features.

"When is it gonna be my turn?" Gerard asked licking the ends of his fangs.

"When im done." Frankie said softly still analyzing his work. "Okay" Frankie eventually said "Im done" he added as he started undoing his tie.

"no stop" Gerard said as he leaned in to kiss Frankie. "I get to do that part" he whispered while pulling off the partially undone tie then undoing the buttons on Frankies shirt revealing his pale skin and numerous tattoos. Gerard turned his head to go for Frankies neck. Frankie bit his lip and wrapped his arms around Gerards torso as Gerard dug deeper in to his neck. Frank took a sudden deep breath bracing himself for what was to come next as gerard moved his focus down to Frankies collarbone and ended his trail of red spots. "Thank you" Gerard smiled at Frank then at the variety of spots he created that were almost as beautiful as the ones Frank had left on him. Frankie smiled.

"I love you, so much" he whispered.

"I know" Gerard whispered back to Frankie who was gently touching his jaw and smiling like an idiot, staring off into space.

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