How it all began

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So, heres how my story began. It was an ordinary day in the warm month of August. School starts in about 2 weeks, Yay. Not. I dreaded going to school. The Queen Bee, Jenna Smith would always be sure to make my day the absolute worst. The only people that i could tolerate at school most of the time were my three best friends, Emma, Jaclyn, and Vivian. We were all attached since 3rd grade. We aren't freaks. But we aren't the most popular either. We're about the middle class.

Anyways, here i am at my house with my dad and mom eating a normal dinner. Mom had made her famous Mac and Cheese that i thought was to die for. Dad thought otherwise.

"Margie, this Mac and Cheese always tastes the same. Too cheesy and no other flavoring."

"Dad, I think moms Mac and Cheese is pretty good."

"Thank you, Ainsley that was very sweet." said my mom.

"Anytime mom, anytime."

My father looked at me, then my mother,"I'm just surprised Ainsley hasn't ever noticed that you only make this meal when we have something important to tell her. I mean really hu-"

My dad was cut short because my mom kicked him underneath the table.

"Mom, what's going on?"

"Nothing honey can't i just make your favorite meal and not get asked any questions?"


My mom and dad kept on shooting looks at each other My dad looked at her with pleading eyes and my mom would send him the death glare. My mother finally sighed.

"Okay. Honey me and your father.... We think your too sheltered here. Living under this roof with us as your over-protective parents. So... We've decided that for this school year your going to stay with the neighbors, The Martins."

My mouth hit the floor. I couldn't breathe. The Martin? Since when did my parents speak to them? I couldn't believe it! My senior year could have been kinda normal. But now, living with the heart-throb of the whole school? That was going to be anything but normal.

"Oh my god! I can't believe this! Where are you guys gonna go? How am i gonna move my stuff? I can't live with Tyler and his family! I-"

I was cut short by my mom yelling my name.

"Ainsley! Listen, you have to. You need to live a more normal teenage life. One where you go to parties, stay out late and have boyfriends! Not talk to your only three friends while watching romantic movies and eating your hearts out."

I did have to agree with my mom on what she had said. But I liked my life. To me it seemed pretty normal. I never thought of it as a weird life or an ab-normal life.

"As for your other question about where me and your father will be going, we are going to stay with your aunt in California."

Wow. Wow. Wow. What?! They're gonna leave me here with the Martins and going to California! They know I love California and that I have always wanted to go there. I can't believe them right now. They're gonna leave me in boring old Georgia.

"Mom, Dad your killing me. You're seriously leaving me here to go to California! I love California!"

"Honey we're sorry but it's what we had to do. "

Ya, what you had to do was leave me here? Some parents.

"Fine. I'll go pack. Whatever."

I walked up to my room un-able to really forgive my parents at the moment. I packed my clothes up in some bags and also some of my closest belongings. I looked at my room one more time before walking downstairs.

Here goes one year staying with the it guy at school, a year without my parents, a year without having my normal life to live.

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