Chapter 40

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New York, 2015

It has been 2 months since she woke up. She would be lying if she admitted that everything was back to normal. It wasn't.

She felt incomplete and depressed. She wanted her life back but she wanted Duncan too.

As much as everyone tried they could not get her to talk. She isolated herself from everyone. Her present life was a tough pill to swallow.

Without him her world was bleak. gray. empty.
She relived every moment they spent together in her dreams and awake, she refused to face her reality without him.

She lay awake listening to Mimi chatter as she got dressed for class. It would be their 1st semester of college at NYU. Her father was hesitant on letting her have her own place but she insisted on it. A part of her was tired of being babied and worried over.

They got their own place 10 minutes away from campus under the agreement that they would check-in with him and visit often.

She sat up slowly looking at the clock. It was around 9am and Mimi was running late as always. She choose classes later in the day after mid day so she can sleep in. But with all the noise Mimi made getting ready she chose to wake up and settle her queasy stomach with some O.J.

"Any how as I was saying you most definetly need to take English Literature II," Mimi excitedly rambled on about the new professor with the british accent that was such a hunk.

Tara rolled her eyes not wanting to say something to get Mimi started. She barely took a sip of her nuice and opted to go back to bed. On Mimi's insistance of her signing up for the class, she politely declined and turned away quickly towards her room and waved Mimi off as she ran out the door with her bagel between her teeth.

Finally settled into her room, curtains drawn, cell phone turned off and exhaling with relief that she is alone, she got beneath the sheets and cuddled her pillow. She slept little which was one of the setbacks from her coma. Her recovery gradually got better. On the outside she appeared fine but on the inside her heart ached, her soul was suffering and she had no one to confide in.

How could she explain it?

She is sad and heart broken because she lost the love of her life. A 700 yr old Medieval Warrior.

She would most definetly be commited.

A tear escaped her eyes as she tightly shut them to picture his face. He would forever be engrained in her heart and soul that much she knew. But how could she continue on without him. How?

On her worst days it hurt too much to get out bed. But this morning she came to the conclusion that it was such a fücking lie: Time did not heal all wounds. Hers atleast.

The strange sensation of exhaustion had her yawning and slowly succumbing to sleep.

There in the corner of her mind where her dreams became her world, he appeared holding out his hand for her to take it.
He pulled her into his embrace and caressed her cheek. Lovingly he looked down into her eyes that held so much concern.

"T'is not healthy for you to hold on to me like this," he whispered.

She shook her head and looked away.

"Its not healthy for me to be without you either," her voice cracked.

He pulled her close and held her chin up to peer deep into her eyes.
She felt so much love in his gaze.

"I am always with you." he lowered his lips to hers.

Passionately he kissed her and she clung to him. Pulling away from the kiss he pressed his lips to her forehead and pulled her close in his arms.

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