Ch. 3 The strangest day

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It was a raining day, and a female hooded figure walked down the street holding a basket close to her. The woman has light brown hair and eyes. The light brown-haired woman looked at her surroundings, and she stopped walking when she sees a building, which reads Sakura's Orphanage. The light-brown haired woman looked down, and her eyes sadden when she sees a baby girl with soft patches of black hair asleep.

" Atsuko," The light-brown haired woman whispered, and she gently placed the basket on the ground. 

An infant Atsuko cooed revealing beautiful light-brown eyes that are identical to the older woman. Atsuko smiled when she sees the light-brown haired woman, and she held her arms out to her. 

" I'm sorry, Atsuko," The light-brown haired woman started to cry. 

The light-brown haired woman removed a necklace, and she placed it around Atsuko's neck. Atsuko cooed, and she started to suck on the chains. 

" Please forgive me," The light-brown haired woman continued to cry. 

Teardrops fall onto Atsuko's cheeks. 

Atsuko blinked, realizing that something terrible was happening, and she started to cry. The light-brown haired woman knocked on the door, and she turned around as she walked away from the crying infant.

The door to the orphanage opened, revealing an elderly lady, who gasped when she sees Atsuko crying inside a basket holding the necklace in her little hands. 

The elderly lady reached down, picking the basket up, and she slowly grabs the necklace, reading the letters which were engraved on the golden heart. 

" Atsuko Chouko," The elderly lady whispered.

Atsuko opens her eyes, and she blinks when she sees worried grey eyes looking at her. Atsuko blinked, and she rubs her eyes, remembering what happened last night, and looked around seeing Tohru was gone. 

Atsuko was about to panic, but she stopped when she hears a calming voice. 

" Don't worry, Miss Chouko. Tohru is downstairs making breakfast. While you and Tohru fell asleep, Shigure and I went out to get your items. Tohru told me these belonged to you" Yuki passed a bag to Atsuko. 

Atsuko takes the bag, and she checks it. Atsuko smiled when she sees that all of her belongings are safe. Atsuko then sighed in relief. 

" Thank you so much!" Atsuko looks at Yuki, and she smiles at him.

Yuki looked at Atsuko, and he smiled at her.

Yuki's eyes widened when Atsuko leaned towards him, and she hugs him. Yuki froze when he sees that he didn't transform into a rat. Yuki looks at Atsuko with a curious expression, and he wonders why he didn't turn into a rat when she hugged him. 

" No worries. I'm glad to have found it all," Yuki smiles at Atsuko.

Atsuko pulls back rubbing the back of her neck, feeling embarrassed that she hugged him. Now, Atsuko is worried that Yuki would think that she is an odd girl.

" Umm," Atsuko blushes. 

" Yes, Miss Chouko?" Yuki looks at Atsuko.

" I'm going to go change," Atsuko tells Yuki. 

" Oh," Yuki blushes.

Yuki stands up, and he walks out of the room to give Atsuko her privacy. 

Atsuko sighed in relief.

Atsuko stands up, and she walks towards the bathroom, and she takes a nice, warm shower. Atsuko stepped out, and she changed into her school uniform as she smiled to herself. Atsuko walked out of the room, and she heads downstairs seeing Tohru serving Yuki and Shigure breakfast.

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