The Beauty Within

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Chapter 3
Rachels pov :
I am so excited that Quinn is coming to my house tonight. It's so exciting to be able to spend time with her. She's so amazing and beautiful I just wish she was gay . I cleaned up my room to make everything perfect for us. Suddenly the door bell rang and I rang down stairs.

"Hey Quinn." I said to the blonde beauty.

"Hey Berry." She said.

"Come on in." I told her and she walked in and we went upstairs.

"So this is my room." I told her.

"Its very pink." She told me.

"Well it is my favorite color." I said.

"Can I see the bathroom?" She asked me.

"Sure." I said and showed her my bathroom.

"Strip and get into the tub." She told me.

"What?" I asked her confused.

"Strip, put this shirt on, and get in the tub." She told me giving me the shirt.

"Okay." I said .

Quinns pov:
Rachel started to strip and I looked over my shoulder and saw her naked body well just her backside .

"Okay now what?" She asked me in the tub.

I took the shower head and sprayed her down and then said,

"Now put your head on your knees and look at the camera." I told her and she did. I took the pictures and said, "Okay you're good." I told her.

"How do they look?" She asked me.

"Stunning." I said showing them to her.

"Wow , Quinn they look amazing." She said smiling.

I smiled and she looked at me and our eyes connected and we had a moment. Just as I thought she was going to kiss me she got up and said,

"Come on lets take one of you." She said getting out of the bathroom.

Rachels pov :

"Here, put this on." I said handing her a leather dress.

"Okay." She said and put it on and gave me the camera.

"Now put your hand on your hip and pose." I said.

She did it and I took the pictures. Looking at them took my breath away she looked beautiful, like a goddess.

"Come on let's take one together." She said.

I came over and she leaned on me and I took her hand and we took a picture.

"Why don't I order some pizza." I suggested.

"Okay." She said.

(30 minutes later)
"Omg I love pizza!" Quinn exclaimed laughing with it in her mouth .

"Me too." I said with a slice in my mouth too.

We laughed and then Quinn looked down sad,

"This was fun." She said.

"Yeah it was ." I said smiling.

"Rachel how did you know? " She asked me .

"Know what?" I asked her confused.

"That you were gay?" She asked me.

"Oh, well, Quinn I knew because I like girls the way I was suppose to like boys but God had a different plan for me and I'm really happy he did." I told her.

"What about me, does he have one for me?" She asked me coming closer.

"Yeah he does." I said.

Suddenly I don't know what happen but she came in closer and before I knew it our lips were touching and we were kissing .

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