Chapter 11 {The Entities}

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3rd Person POV
Everyone wakes up in the morning and meets down stairs like usual. Cory and Shelby sit on the floor, Aphmau and Jin sit in the couch, Sky and Ross sit in the chairs across from each other, and Red just stands leaning against the wall.
"So how's every one been doing this morning?" Asks Shelby cheerfully "Aside from strange dreams I'm fine." Yawns out Jin "Strange dreams?" Asks Red "Yeah it's just strange." Replies Jin "How so?" Asks Cory "Well it's in an open field area and there's this I guess entity that's a blue glow and is shaped like a human. It always seems to be scared and just sits there frozen." Answers Jin.
"You've been having those type of dreams to?" Exclaims Sky "So have I." Says Shelby "Same here." Adds on Ross "Me too." Responds Cory "Okay so at least I know I'm not the only one going crazy with these dreams." Says Aphmau "Sky explain your dream!" Exclaims Red pointing at Sky. "Well it's like Jin described an entity shaped look a human but mines a light blue glow and it seems to get hyped up on something and act before thinking." Answers Sky.
"Next Ross." Commands Red "Well mine has a green glow and seems calm and collected at first but then when it finally snaps it just goes all out." Replies Ross.
"Good, now Aphmau." Says Red "Mine's red and gets angry easily, attacking relentlessly at its target." Says Aphmau.
"Okay, it's you now Shelby." Says Red "The entity in my dream is white and it has my sword in its hands and always holds it just right out my grasp." Answer Shelby.
"Excellent, now last but not least Cory." Says Red "My entity is black. With each dream it seems to get bigger and bigger, looming over me. Recently I noticed it controlling a puppet with strings and on the puppet was my mask I always where." Respond Cory.
"Okay this is great!" Shouts Red "Could you please elaborate?" Asks Jin "Oh right. Well I've had these dreams to and inside of them you should be able to interact with the entity. Mine was like Aphmaus, hot headed and attacking nonstop. Eventually I was able to calm it down in my dreams and control my powers more efficiently." Elaborates Red. "But how do we do this?" Asks Sky "Find something that catches it's attention so it will be willing to listen to you. Then try to convince them to improve its flaw." Says Red
"Hmm that actually doesn't sound half bad." Says Jin "How am I suppose to convince a psychotic entity to become sane?" Asks Cory.
Everyone goes silent thinking of an answer when suddenly Sky snaps his fingers "Its greatest asset is its greatest weakness." He says "So threaten to kill it?" Asks Cory "Exactly." Answers Sky nodding his head "One problem you have to die in order for it to die, and it will only be dead until it finds another user." Counters Red "The thing is practically already going to get me killed and you guys are alway around to make sure it won't go to anyone else, so in the end I have nothing to lose." Says Cory "I suppose." Replies Red "Now that we have stuff resolved let's train!" Shouts Aphmau "Right behind you!" Exclaims Sky running behind Aphmau. The rest of us follow them outside.

Aphmau's POV
Sky and I run outside with the others following us. "Hey Red you still have you powers right?" Asks Cory "Yup I sure do!" Answers Red "Then I challenge you to a sparring match!" I say pointing at Red "Okay." Says Red shrugging.
"Begin!" Shouts Sky. I immediately summon my whip and Red summons a dagger with a six inch blade "Not exactly what I thought his weapon would be." Says Sky. I swing my whip and wrap it around Red's arm. Red quickly uses my whip against me pulling me in. He grabs my whip out of my hand and darts behind me holding the flaming dagger close to my throat.
"I think we know who won." Says Red tossing his dagger aside and letting me go. Everyone looks in awe "I've done this for three years, what do you expect?" Says Red "I don't know?" Says Sky "Can I fight you?" Asks Jin "Sure why not." Says Red.
"And fight!" I shout. Jin instantly throws a wave of water at Red. Red jumps over it and summons his dagger back. Jin reaches into the water pulling out his trident shooting out water missiles. Red charges forward at Jin dodging some of the water missiles and the ones he couldn't he would hit with his dagger, making them evaporate into steam in an instant. Jin uses the water on the ground he spilled everywhere on his first attack to bind Red's feet together. Jin chargers a water attack at Red before he can escape hitting Red directly. Jin runs over to Red before he can get up and puts his trident at his neck. "Bravo!" Says Red "Wow Jin, you beat him!" I say "Heh yeah I did." Replies Jin "Man it's been a while since I've lost." Says Red stretching "Alright so is everyone done challenging me?" "I can't even summon my sword on will." Says Shelby "Okay then we can work on that." Says Red "What about the rest of us?" Asks Ross "Find something to occupy your time." Answers Red.
I sit back and watch Red train Shelby by the pond with Cory by her side supporting her. "Focus on the light." Says Red "I'm trying!" Replies Shelby slowly building up light in her hand "Just a little more!" Says Cory. Shelby finally gets her sword to form but it only lasts a couple of seconds "Oh come on!" She shouts stomping on the ground losing her footing and landing on her back. I hear Cory snicker at Shelby's clumsiness "You okay down there?" Asks Cory "Hmph." Respond Shelby turning her head away. Cory reaches out his hand to help Shelby up. She takes it and drags Cory down on the ground with her. Cory landed on top of Shelby, their faces inches away. You could see Cory blushing from here. "Oh my gosh Sky my OTP is happening!" I squeal getting Sky to look. Shelby smirks at Cory, grabs his mask, and tosses him in the pond.
Cory quickly swims up and out the pond "Wasn't that a little to far Shelby!" Pouts Cory "I guess. But hey you aren't freaking out about your mask!" Says Shelby "Well I don't mind if you see my face but I would still want it back please." Says Cory turning his head away attempting to hide his blushing face. Shelby hands Cory his mask back and playfully punches him on his shoulder.
"I ship it so much!" I squeal "I'm with you Aphmau!" Says Sky.

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