Ch. 2 The Sohma Cousins

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School ended for the day, and Atsuko and Tohru couldn't wait to go to their tent and sleep. Both girls waved goodbye to their friends, and they started to walked away from their school as they head towards the forest.

An hour later, Atsuko and Tohru safely arrived at the forest, and they began to set up their tent. What the girls don't know is that Yuki started to follow them since their homes were in the same area. Yuki can't help but feel curious since he wanted to see where the girls are living because he knows that the Sohma family owns the woods, making it their property.

" Tohru! I'm hungry!" Atsuko started to whine.

" We only have fresh berries and crackers," Tohru tells Atsuko.  

" That's not enough for my stomach, Tohru!" Atsuko sighed sadly. 

Yuki decided to make his presence know calling out to Atsuko, who looked surprised to see him. 

Tohru turns to look at Yuki, who is also surprised to see him. 

" Yuki? What are you doing here?" Tohru worriedly asked Yuki. 

" Hello Miss Honda, just heading home as well. I was wondering if you two would like to eat dinner at my place?" Yuki politely asked Tohru while looking at Atsuko. 

Atsuko and Tohru looked at each other. The girls didn't know what to say to Yuki, but Atsuko figured that if they don't say 'no' they won't get to eat free food. Atsuko then looked at Yuki, and she smiled at him. 

" We'll accept!" Atsuko tells Yuki while Tohru smiles at him. 

Yuki smiled at Atsuko since he is happy to hear that Atsuko and Tohru are going to get dinner at his place. 

" That's good, please follow me," Yuki tells Atsuko and Tohru. 

Atsuko and Tohru followed Yuki back to the house seeing Shigure lounging around fanning himself when he sees that the same girls from the morning are in his home. 

" Ah! Well, hello there," Shigure stands up, and he smiled at Atsuko and Tohru. 

" Shigure, they are going to be eating dinner with us," Yuki tells Shigure.  

" Dinner?" Shigure blinked. " I don't know Yuki. Our umm kitchen doesn't look too pleasing for the human eyes," Shigure laughed nervously. 

Yuki twitched in annoyance. 

" You didn't clean the kitchen as I told you," Yuki sighed, wondering why he is living with Shigure when the older male can't take care of himself. 

" I was busy writing stories! My editor called wanting them finished, which I just recently finished!" Shigure tells Yuki since he didn't like the young male glaring at him. 

Atsuko's stomach growled, causing the room to be quiet. 

" It's okay! How bad could it be?" Tohru asked. " With a little cleaning, it would be good as new!" Tohru smiled. 

" I'll help you clean!" Atsuko smiled. 

Atsuko and Tohru nod their heads as Shigure guided them to the kitchen. Shigure opens the door, and the girls' eyes widened when they see nothing, but darkness and they can't help but wonder where and what that awful smell is coming from since they couldn't see anything. Yuki immediately closed the door, feeling embarrassed that Atsuko and her sister saw their dirty kitchen. Yuki then glares at his older cousin.  

" I think it would be for the best to cancel our dinner plan. Sorry Yuki, but Tohru and I must get going. Thank you for taking your time off of your busy schedule to attend to us," Atsuko smiled at Yuki. 

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