Luke's Journal

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It all starts out with me. I'm Luke. I don't even know why I'm writing in this. My mom got it for me for my birthday a couple years ago, but it would probably sell for quite a lot of money when i grow to be handsome and famous. 

Im gay.

Thought you should know. Even though I shouldn't have to tell people, I still human. I mean I don't get why gay people should have to tell people, I like admitting you're a different species. We're not. And then you have the on- going feeling like people are going to judge you. 

I'm one of the lucky ones, I have people who still love me the same as when they didn't know I was gay. There aren't even words I can describe the people who disown their own daughter, son, grandchild, or even sibling. 

People say it's because God hates them. Because they were depicted in the Bible as bad people. Guess what? I believe He still loves me. I mean why would He create me if He hated me? It makes no sense to me. That's one thing about religion I do not understand. But, I am Christian and still proud.

Until the day I was forbidden to come to my community church.

The day I told my family, they didn't care, they still love me and didn't think of me any differently. But, they still thought I should speak about it the next day at church and let them know.

I've always had troubles speaking in front of crowds over ten, so let me tell you, speaking in front of 200+ about being gay just stacked nerves on top of nerves. But what could I worry about? My family didn't care, why would they care? They won't care, right? I thought damn wrong.

The priest called me up after he did his speech. I was trembling and my words stuttered. but when the words came out,

"I'm gay"

Everyone gasped. They would never have thought it. "How dare a homosexual step foot in a House of God", they probably thought. But one actually spoke it out loud. 


I dropped my sheet of paper I was reading off of and everyone stared booing me. Seriously? This isn't a hockey game. But everything got to me I ran right out of that church and my family right after me. I started bawling, I was so embarrassed. 

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