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Hi, my name is Abigail Beckett. I was 16 year old, a year 11 student living in London Citybase. London was not as affected as the rest of the world by the World-Enders, and most of the buildings have survived. Less can be said about the people though; the radiation killed many of us,and even more died from suffering illness and deformation as a result. I was born on 30th June 2299, lucky to be without any genetic mutations, or so the doctors thought.

Ever since I was little I knew I was different from everyone else. I could do things that they couldn't. I can move things with my mind; I can hear people's thoughts. I was different.

I also knew that this is something that I need to keep to myself, my own little secret. If the UGE found out about me I would probably be lock up in a lab with scientists running tests on me, or even have my brain dissected!

I was three when I first discovered my power. My mother had put my favorite doll on the top of the bookshelf and I was trying really hard to reach it. I stretched my arms out trying desperately to reach Rosie even though my hand could barely reached the bottom shelf. I was frowning so hard wishing Rosie will come to me when, to my utter surprise - Rosie rose off the shelf and fell straight into my arms.

I hugged Rosie and stared back up at the self, it was at least five times my height. Even in my little mind then, I knew what I did wasn't normal, and that if you are not normal, you will get round up like the defected kids in the hospital, where you can't go out or see your family.

So instead of telling my parents about it, I started trying to do it again in secret. It didn't work the first few times, so my little self managed to convince myself that maybe Rosie just felt off the shelf. Being little I barely gave it a second thought, even though the cup I tried to move across the table smashed onto the floor all by itself after I left the room.

It wasn't until I was five when I truly realised my ability. I was playing in the kindergarten playground on my own waiting for my mum to pick me up. Feeling bored I kneed down in the sandpit shoving sand around mindlessly when a pot of flowers from the second storey window came loose and fell straight down on me.

I didn't see it until it was too late, so I instinctively covered my head and squinting my eyes shut, too overcome with shock to move. But instead of hitting me the pot flew sideways. I heard the sound of the flowerpot breaking, but didn’t feel any pain. I looked up and around but still couldn’t find it.

I looked up and sure enough, there was a missing flowerpot. I blinked several times and shook my head: nope, it wasn't an illusion. I looked around the playground and finally found the broken pot behind some bushes, at least ten meters from where I was standing. I waved my hand at it, and it flew off sideways and cracked even more.

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