Chapter 39

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(Gemini Pov)

All Day My Moms Have Been Calling Probably To Further Speak The Matter On Tay And JJ Probably To Apologize And TD... Him He Probably Got A Ear Full From My Mom And Aunt And He Is On His Make Peace Mode...

Knowing That They Might Come To The Crib. Im Here Where Ive Been All Day... At This Bar Called Genuine And Its Going On 8 And I Dont Plan On Leaving...

"Gem Buddy You Still Here?" Maxi Asked.

Maxi Is The Owner Of Genuine. He Controls This Joint And Runs It Himself. We're Also Great Friends. Been Since High School And I Come To Spread Some President Tips Every Now And Then.

"Yeah" I Said Finishing My Drink. My 6th One.

"Whats Been Up In Your Life Gem?" He Asked Me. "Cause Buddy You Looked Like You've Been Fucked Over" He Said.

Damn, Do I? I Thought.

"Do You Really Wanna Know?" I Asked Him.

"Lay It On Me" He Said. "I Can Take It" He Added.

"Alright... My Girlfriend Cheated On Me With My Bestfriend And I Got Put In The Back Of A Cop Car For Beating His Ass... Then Later That Night I Find Out I Have 2 Kids Out There Somewhere... And My Mom Been Keeping This Secret From Me Because Tay Suggest She Does... My Mother. My Family All Knew This" I Told Him.

"Damn Bro" He Said As He Turned To Layla One Of His Working Girls. "Aye Layla Make One Of Those Specials For My Boy Here... He Needs It" He Said Then He Turned To Me And Said "Its On The House"...

"Thanks" I Said.

"Btw Who Is The Girl In The Middle Of All This?" Maxi Asked As He Brought Over The Drink.

"Remember Tay?" I Asked Him.

"Tay... Tay... Tay..." He Said To Himself As He Tried Hard To Remember. "You Mean Fine Ass TiTi?" He Said.

Here's The Story On Fine Ass TiTi. Thats Tay... Everytime Maxi Laid Eyes On Her Back In College On Campus He Would Call Out To Her And Say Fine Ass TiTi. Tay Hated The Name And Alway Dissed Maxi Everytime Just Like She Loved Dissing Me.

"Yeah Taylor" I Added.

"You Know She Hated That Name Right" He Said To Me.

"I Know" I Said.

"But I Loved Getting On Her Nerves" He Added.

"Ofcourse You Did" I Said. "Annoying Is Your Middle Name" I Added.

"She Hated The Name Just As She Hated You... Its A Surprise Yall You Know... Ended Up Together" He Added.

"Wow Thanks Maxi" I Said.

"My Bad Bro... But What Happen?" He Asked. "Didnt Yall Like Break Up Some Decades Ago?" He Said.

"Funny We Didnt Break Up We Were Never Together..." I Said.

"How Does That Work?" He Asked Me. "Was It A One Sided Relationship?" He Asked.

"One Sided?" I Asked Cause I Had No Idea What He Was Talking About.

"You Know Where She Thinks Yall Together Cause Yall Getting In On But Its Not Really Like That.." He Said.

"You Know What... Never Mind About That Part..."I Told Maxi Cause If I Was To Go And Explain He Still Wouldnt Get It.

"Anyways..." I Started To Say. "Yesterday I Over Heard My Mom, Aunt And Uncle Talking About Tay And Babies And When Turns Out Tay Supposedly Have Babies By Me" I Added

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