Dealing with my feelings is not as easy as what most of the girls feels after their break up. I have no idea who to salute during these times. Should I salute those girls who can afford to go to a party after a break up? Or should I salute those ones who still loves the same man until now?

My thoughts were stopped when I heard a knock on my door. Followed by Diana's voice "Emman? Breakfast is ready. We're all waiting for you."

This family went back to our habit, eating all together every morning. Aunt Emie and Uncle Eric thought it would be best if we spent time all together at our first meal. Talk about our plans for the day and stuffs.

I know they're just trying to help me.

Louis is just very different from my other relationships. He's like the impossible boyfriend. That's why I'm hurt like this. Even if our relationship did not take long like what I had with Patrick. He still mean so much to me.

Maybe because my feelings for Patrick is just for Friends. No more. No less. I was able to forget about my relationship with Patrick that easy. Louis is just different.

He isn't just a normal guy you'll see everywhere.

He isn't just the funny and hyper guy you'll see anywhere you go.

He's very rare to find.

"Emman, would you like to come with Diana on her field trip tomorrow?" Aunt Emie asked snapping me from playing on my food.

I looked at Diana and found her hopeful eyes. I'm not sure if I'm ready to go out anywhere other than my work. Three months, all I ever did was to stay at home and go to work. That's all. Never loved visiting or staying at the park since then. I don't want to remember anything about me and Louis back there.

"Please? I would love to be with you there." Diana begged.

I gave the little girl a smile before I nodded and said "Okay. I'm coming."

"I hope it will help you Em. I'm sure you'll enjoy it there. And we'll forget about everything for a moment. I want you both to have fun and just live your life." Aunt Emie added trying to cheer me up.

I also hope so too. I hope this will help. I hope I'll forget about everything for sometime.

"Where is it by the way?" I asked the three of them looking at them one by one.

"LA, we will be visiting some museums there." Diana answered.

I nodded pretending that I'm interested. I mean yes I am. I love going anywhere. But I don't feel anything this time. Maybe this trip would really help me.

Help me to build a new life. New interests. New habits. New me. And will help me to move forward.

"That would be fun." I hypothesized.

"So you two should pack your things then. And then list down the things you are lacking so we can buy it this afternoon. Would it be okay?" Aunt Emie said.

"Sure." I smiled as I stood up. "And by the way, are you gonna pay for all of our needs?" I added smiling for real now with a hopeful voice.

She slowly nodded. And I can see her achievement on her face.

I'm so lucky I have such an understanding Aunt. Of all the people who deserves someone like her more than me. I'm so lucky I have this family who understands my situation when I'm in a position like this.

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