tonight you see

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    The weekend came and I was getting changed for work. Adrian doesn't like my job but she deal with it. I see her on her laptop again. I wonder what she doing on there.

"Baby I'm ready" I say.

"Aight let's hit it" she says. She is in a violet shirt grey jeans and blue shoes. I laugh she so lucky she can  pull it off.

"I got a present for you ma but you gotta close ya eyes"she says when we get to the door.

"Okay"I say closing my eyes. She grabs my shoulder and guides me outside.

"Alright open your eyes" she says. I open my eyes a shiny blue 2014 Camaro sits there with a bow. I just stare.

"That is yours" she says.

"HOLY SHIT BABY YOU SERIOUS!!"" I yell excitedly.

"Yes its yours" she says dangling the keys. I kiss the hell out of her. This car is so sexy. I run to the car and open it. The seat are so smooth I look in the backseat and see shopping bags from every place known to mostly every body. In the glove compartment when I open it I see two tickets to Puerto Rico. Holy fuck. I grab the tickets and scream jumping up and down. Adrianna laughs.

"Baby you got to promise me one thing though" she says. I'm still hype.

"Anything anything" I say.

"That you will take this second ticket to Puerto Rico with me and don't brag to much"she says.

"Yes I promise" I say and kiss her.

"Ion want you taking dis to your job ima let you drive dere then Ima drive back I'll pick ya up when you get off Aight ma dat cool witchu"

"Yeah now let me drive my baby"she says.

"okay" she says and gets in the car and crank it up.

     After I got to my job after taking the long way I look over at Adrian. She was biting her lip. She leans over and kisses me. Nah I want more.

"Let me thank you" I say. I don't waste time to kiss and suck on her neck.

"Shit"  she moans. I get on her side of the car and unhook her pants pulling them down. I stop and get on top of her unzipping my buster. She kiss my breast lovingly. I rub on her breast they feel good and soft. Her moaning increases. I finally move down to her wet p-ssy I licked my lips before moving down. She hisses and pulls my hair. I move a little faster oh she tastes so fucking good. She stifled her moan as much but it slipped out sometimes. I put my hands on her hips she let out a long dragged out moan and I get her release and clean it up. I come back up to kiss her she doesn't wanna stop because she starts nibbling on my nipple knowing that drive me crazy.

"Ah baby wait" I try to speak but it comes out a moan. She puts a little pressure a bittersweet sensation shots through me.

"I gotta finish tonight"I say with pause I moaned.

"Shit aight what time you get off" she asks.

"3 tonight" I say.

"Okay call me when you get off" she says and kisses me. I put on my bra and zip up my buster. I kiss her and get out. I'm in my red jeans and my black buster with black toms.  I walk away and I feel her eyes watching I turn and wink she starts cheesing. I get in the locker room. My brothers girlfriend comes out.

"Hey sweetie" she says hugging me.

"Hey" I say.

"I heard you and Adrianna finally together." she says.

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