World-Building in Crossovers

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Okay, so majority of you guys like the mini guide I made in the previous rant. Here's another one because why not? Also, shameless ad plug (hey, it's my rant book XD) but check out my crossover fanfic Mysterious Fates. I promise it's not as cliché as you may think. XD

With that said, one of the most important aspects of fanfic crossovers are the worlds that it combines. Characters are one thing but if you fail to properly combine two completely different series, well, it's going to be a total mess of a story.

The first thing you have to do is find something in common that will connect the two (or more) worlds together. If you can't find something even remotely the same, then that's a sure sign that it's not compatible. For example, if you are combining Harry Potter, How To Train Your Dragon, and Fairy Tail, (overused examples, I know) chances are there to combine them because all of those worlds are fantasy based worlds. You can twist certain aspects of Harry Potter to fit the lore of Fairy Tail without contradicting either one. For example: dragons. They are more or less extinct in Fairy Tail and (eventually) in HTTYD, so you can make it that they are really rare in Harry Potter as well. What I did in Mysterious Fates was basically make Fairy Tail and the concept of guilds in the series a thing of the past in Harry Potter history with a time portal connecting the present (where the story takes place) and the past. I did the same with How To Train Your Dragon, with dragon riding also being a rare and almost forgotten concept in both FT and HP history.

Which leads into my next point: how you are going to connect history. Either you find a connection between the two histories or you create a connection yourself. Finding a connection with history is slightly differently than twisting certain aspects of lore and rules of the series. Making Fairy Tail a thing of the past in Harry Potter is me trying to fit the rules of Rowling's world without destroying Mashima's. History is another issue altogether.

With that said, what do I mean by creating a connection? Well, there are many ways to create a connection yourself but here's one way of doing it: creating your own characters. Now, this is different than creating a main character for your story. Your main OC remains a focal connection for the characters and the story but these particular characters are what connect the two worlds in your fanfic. For example, in Mysterious Fates, I created two characters named Jodha and Meena. These two are what connect Fairy Tail, HTTYD, Cardcaptor Sakura and Harry Potter in terms of the characters' emotional mindset, relationships, history between the worlds and as well as in terms of the family trees present in the fanfic.

Bear in mind though, you have to be really careful when creating your connection with OCs because if one thing doesn't make sense in one world but makes sense in another, it's easily going to fall apart. Another thing is that you have to really commit to the idea of creating it. You DO NOT want to dump the connection and decide that you don't want the character at the last minute because if you do that, you now have a plot whose lore and history have nothing to connect them together.

So here's my mini guide on crossovers. You guys can add to this though! What other advice/tips do you have when creating a crossover? Comment below and let me know! I'll add it on here with credit! :D

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Keep a lookout for those two! Also, yesterday (I'm writing this a day after my b-day) I TURNED 19!! That is all. Sayonara!! :D

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