Chapter Two

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"Now you be careful out there evie. I'm serious, you know you are always in danger. I wouldn't be able to live if you were hurt you know that right?" mom said, I could see she was on the brink of tears, she placed her hand on my cheek. We were parked in front of the school in the parking lot.

"I know, I'll be careful, I'll stay attentive and I'll listen for the warnings." I told her, trying to ease her worries. I know she will always worry about me, but it's the least I can say to my poor mom.

"Promise me that if you sense danger you will run, no matter what." she gave me a serious stare. She's just trying to protect me, she has always been more protective ever since dad died. I wish I could somehow ease her worries.

"I promise. I have to get going now mom, pick me up after school, 'kay? I'll be waitin."

My mom gave me a brief nod and smile. I got out of the car and slung my bag over my shoulder.

I strolled through the crowd of teenagers and went to the main doors.I pulled the door open. Inside the building the hall was packed, students walked around. Some milled around at lockers while others swiftly walked to their class.

Right, what do I have first period... US history, right...? I glanced down at the schedule in my hand. It read " US History, Room 137, Mr. Deson" I made my way through the crowd scanning the classrooms for the correct room.

I spotted it at very far end of the hall. I quickly scurried over to the room. I stepped through the doorway into the classroom, there was a large world map on the far right wall. At the head of the class was a podium and a long white board.

Mr. Deson stood at the head of the class writing on the board. I gazed around at the desks all neatly arranged in a rows. Almost all the seats in the middle of the rows were taken already, so I quickly sat down in the closest desk near the door.

Just in case something happens I'll be able to bolt out of the class quickly. I told myself. I searched my head for the faint voice I've come to trust so well. The voice of the moon, I like to call her Luna. She always speaks to me when I start feeling very anxious and scared, always calming me down. She also warns me of nearby werewolves.

Hey Luna, I'm kinda feeling nervous, what if there's a werewolf in this school? I asked, the thought of a werewolf made my heart race. I kept my face tilted down, allowing my hair to curtain my face as students began filing into the class. I waited for what felt like forever for her to answer, Mr. Deson had just started class and was introducing himself.

It'll be alright my dear, I'll keep a sharp eye out for you. You just focus on class. Her voice appeared in my head, her voice was like the whisper of the wind on a quiet night. It always soothed me, just hearing her speak.

Thank you Luna, I know you have to help the others as well. I appreciate you caring about me. I replied back to her.

Anything for you my dear. I could feel a small smile appear on my face, Luna is like a guardian angel to me. She will always try her hardest to keep me alive.

I looked up finally, Mr. Deson was droning on about stuff I could care less about, but I tried to keep up with his lesson.


The bell finally rang after what had felt like forever, I shot out of the classroom before the halls started to get really crowded. Okay, survived first period, onto the next class. Anatomy.

I soon found the class not to far away from my first period class. A teacher named Ms.Terion was the teacher of the class. I walked into the class and was immediately handed a worksheet.

"Please fill out as much as you know. I want to assess your prior knowledge." She said with a smile. She was a skinny young teacher with round glasses perched on her nose. I could tell she was gonna be a favorite teacher of mine.

I quickly sat down in a seat near the back of the room, a girl with vibrant violet hair and silver eyes was in the seat next to me.

"Hey, I'm Jessie. Nice to meet you. I haven't seen you around, are you new?" she said to me with a kind smile.

"Oh, hi. I'm Eve, I just moved here at the end of the summer break." I said shyly, I pushed my blonde hair behind my ear.

"Ms.Terion over there is a delight, she hardly gives out homework." Jessie said.

"Oh that's a relief." I laughed.

"I think you're in my history class, you were sitting in the back today, right? You should sit by me, we can chat will Mr.Boring is talking." she said with a glimmer in her eyes.

"Ya of course, I was so bored in his class today." I said, pretending to yawn. We both laughed just as the bell rang.


"So what class do you have know Eve?" Jessie asked me as we picked our bags off the ground as the bell rang.

"Uh I think I have gym now."

"Me too!" Jessie shrieked,"I always end up alone in gym, but thank god you'll be there! What a relief!" Jessie wiped an invisible bead of sweat from her brow.

I laughed.

A shiver ran down my spine.

Something's wrong... Just then Luna spoke in my head. Eve! There is a single werewolf near by, he's currently in his human form, but you must flee!

My heart raced as I looked around wildly

"Eve, are you okay?" Jessie asked, she sounded worried.

"Uh ya, I'm fine" I said still looking around. I gazed around and my heart stopped. No less than thirty feet away was a guy with black hair, he seems normal, but I could tell. He was one them. He didn't seem to have noticed me, but I can't risk it.

"Uh Jessie, I gotta go to the nurse, I'm not feeling okay." I shouted over my shoulder as I dashed away from the guy. I could hear Jessie's worried voice cry my name behind me.

I gotta get away, I have to hide!

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