CHAPTER 41 First Candy

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"I am at the edge

of breaking

how sweetly

we crack."


Dad and I noticed Mom decreasing the amount of juice she was drinking. So we muscle tested her, and two juices a day is good enough. It's less work for me and less produce we have to stock up on. As it is, we've been buying enough produce for a small restaurant.

But she hasn't had a bowel movement in two days. She still energy tests for iron. But I get an inaccurate testing for the potassium.

So I had Dad help me test her which he always hates. I don't know he hates being tested or helping me test either Mom or myself. But he does. You'd think we were asking him to have his nails done or something.

We muscle tested Mom for her iron and potassium pills. We got a yes for the iron and a NO for potassium. Also no for Agave syrup. Mom had a little bowel movement in the evening but still not enough for not having one in two days.

She chowed down on Dad's breakfast when he took his plate over to give her a couple bites. I was shocked! So was Dad. I tried not to stand there like a dufus with my mouth hanging open. It was hard to hold back. What I wanted to do was jump up and down in the middle of their bedroom/our living room and scream and yell and dance and sing Hallelujah. But I didn't want to call attention to myself or do anything that might make Mom change her mind.

Mom's brain is working again which is exciting to see. It's a lot better now that she's off all the meds and bullshit "nutritional" shakes (aka Ensure). When she came home from the Hospital and care facility her whole well-being was off. So much for these places of "care" healing you.

Dad weighed her at 80.8 lbs. He decided to give Mom a reward of a piece of chocolate, which I was totally against. She's not supposed to have ANY candy because of the sugar. The last thing she needs is sugar. All it does is feed everything we're trying to kill off. I guess it's not the end of the world. It was the first candy she's had in 47 days.

Text To Bro: Storage Container Delivered!

We were still cleaning up after the foreclosure. We were still trying to make sense of our lives in the aftermath. But it was a slow going of it.

We had spent five months moving and dealing with four foreclosures. A neighbor had agreed to let us move a bunch of our stuff over to his property. While he had some room in his barn, most of our stuff was stacked together under tarps for close to a year.

When we finally found a home as a rental, offered by another neighbor, we started moving our stuff from one property to another. Luckily they were only a hundred feet from each other only to put most of the stuff under some new tarps. But the moving brought back memories, and none of them were pleasant.

All the stuff we moved over to the new place was left outside, to the elements for almost two years. We had no other place to put it. But this year was our year to start to go through it. This was the year to start chipping away at the past and letting go of everything that no longer fit. The first order of business was to get a storage container delivered so we had some place finally out of the elements to put it.



40 days of Juice & a few words

Days Juicing: 40

Here's what we learned:

1. Juicing is a LOT of fracking work

2. You can't force anyone to drink/eat (we knew this lesson before).

3. Juicing is the best way for us to get the most nutrients into Mom at one time, several times a day, on a consistent basis. Period.

4. Dad's far-sighted eyesight has improved (and he's not taking anything new, or on any pharmaceutical medications either).

5. Dad and I have both noticed a lot more energy. Frankly we need all the fracking energy we can get right now.

8. Mom's strength has improved, dramatically.

9. Mom's brain activity, her speech, her ability to have a conversation has improved dramatically.

10. The juice doesn't resolve emotional preexisting issues.

11. Dad and I are sold on the importance and POWER of homemade fresh juice made with a special juicer that doesn't kill the nutrients. SOLD.

12. Mom's desire to eat is improving.


Juice Day 48

2 leaves collard greens

7 leaves kale

4 leave napa cabbage

1 tablespoon ginger root

2 apples

4 carrots

1 pomegranate

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