Psychopathic Explanations

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She was asleep, in the cage. I could see a large gash on her forehead where someone had hit her. After trying for a few minutes to wake her up, I realized that I would have either drag her, or leave her behind. Trying to carry her, or drag her for that matter, might cause me to go into labor. It was a miracle I hadn't already, and I was determined not to let it happen.

Some one started rattling the doorknob attached to the door that would lead to freedom. It had to be Psycho. I made a snap judgement call, and shut the door to Clementine's cage. I had barely made it to the black couch when the person started stomping down the stairs in a hurry.

He didn't see me as he ran past, into my prison room. I stood up, glancing to the open door, the one I could escape from, and then back to Clementine's cage. These decisions I made right now would determine if I lived or died, if my baby survived this house of horrors, if Clementine survived.

I took a step towards the door, and then swore out loud because I couldn't bring myself to leave someone, who was expendable to my captors, behind. She was important to the boys, and I couldn't just leave her.

As I turned back towards the cage I saw Psycho walk out of the room. He didn't have a mask on. I could see his face. What I saw made my insides swirl and me want to vomit. I caught myself just barely on the back of the couch, and grabbed onto my stomach.


Instead of replying, he chuckled.

A sharp pain shot through my abdomen and around my back. It zigzagged its way around my stomach and I felt ill.

My baby was coming.

~~~Owen's POV~~~

I stood behind most of my team as we geared up for the rescue. I was ashamed to admit just how long it had taken to find our missing persons, but I couldn't dwell on it. My mind wanted to go to theories, the ones that had Sang dead on a dirty floor somewhere with her baby, our baby, my family's baby, dead beside her.

However, theories were something I could not afford to entertain. I shut them out.

As I strapped a gun to my side, I debated whether or not we should drag the Academy back into this. They would take Sang away for her own protection. Associating with us was part of the reason she was a target. Which was why we'd all agreed that this was our last mission.

We would retire from the Academy as soon as she was safe once more.

"Is everyone prepared to leave?" I inquired, looking around all of them.

They held mirrored expressions, except for Kota, who was staring blankly out at space. Everyone else looked determined, mad, ready. He looked confused, lost, and as if he was trying to figure out what had gone wrong.

I clapped a hand on his shoulder, making him jump. He cleared his throat and gave me a controlled nod, all facial expressions clearing from his face. I could only hope that having our family back together again would make him himself once more.

"Excuse me, I need to check on something before we move out," he said, more to himself than me.

I nodded, planning to use the time to talk to the others. They needed to be prepared for the worst.

Kota stepped around me, and headed towards the front of the house. The boys turned to watch him go, but I redirected their attention back to myself as I cleared my throat.

~~~Back To Sang~~~

I washed my hands over my pretty dress and laughed as I caught sight of the beautiful decorations of the gymnasium. Winter Ball. I hadn't dreamed of going to Prom, much less a lesser attended dance like Winter Ball. The boys surrounded me like my own personal body guard until and I let out another laugh.

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