Facing Socio

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They had visited me only once since I'd stolen my precious treasure from Psycho. At first I had been scared I'd need to move my reckless plan into motion quicker than before, but they hadn't said anything about it, and I didn't mention it.

During their short stay in my prison room I had been informed that they were going to wait out my labor. Well, they had said that, and then Socio had spoken through that mask and informed me that they would induce my labor if necessary. The way Socio had said it, even through the mechanical alterations of their voice, I knew they had meant it to be some sort of threat.

They would put me through hell in order to get my baby and I seperated.

I pressed my ear against the door.

"Clementine?" My voice wasn't much more than a stage whisper, and I internally scolded myself for being such a scardy cat.

I tried again, and this time I was able to get her name out of my mouth at a loud enough volume that I'm sure she could hear.


I paused, waiting, holding my breath in anticipation of her reply. But it never came, I was met with silence. This had been the part of my plan that I was unsure about- how to get Clementine to both agree, and hear the plan without Socio or Psycho listening in.

Clementine not being responsive only made the decision to leave her out of the plan that much easier.

Back when I had first found out that I was pregnant, I had been scared. The fear had led to a lot of internet searches about what labor looked like and how birth would happen. I ended up watching a lot of movies, and a lot of Grey's Anatomy clips from YouTube. The latter which might not have been my best idea.

But the point is, I doubt either of my captors have seen labor so it shouldn't be too hard to fake it. Alright, come on, stop lollygagging.

I headed back towards the bed, trying to act normal. When I got to the foot of the bed I hunched over and grabbed my belly, letting out a small grunt of pain. I held that position for a little bit before pulling myself up onto the bed and acting as if the contractions were getting worse.

If there's anyone looking out for me, anyone at all, please don't let these weirdos see right through me..

I faked my way up to howling in pain, trying to be loud enough for them to notice. As I did, flashes of memories came back to me. Being tied up in a shower, nearly falling over and dying but being saved by some of the boys. Rice on the floor, the sight of it making my knees throb.

Faces swirled around my brain, people who had brought me pain and suffering. Memories of what they did to me slammed into my mind, and the screams of pain began to be real. I felt every stab, every jab, every harsh touch that had ever gone my way, and I used the memory of what real pain felt like to help me now.

The door swung open, and it took a lot of willpower not to turn over to look at it. Someone approached my bed, their hands touched my bare shoulder. Skin on skin.

I felt sick.

I wanted to push her away.. Because I knew those hands, I knew that feeling..

I stepped out of the shower, feeling bad about just how much steam circulated the bathroom. Marie had yet to shower, and I hoped that I hadn't used too much of the hot water.

After wrapping myself in a towel, I managed to brush out my tangled knots for hair, and put it up in some sort of twisty clip I didn't know the name for. We had just moved into this new house the day before. Boxes in my room had yet to be unpacked- which said a lot because I didn't own anything but a few outfits and some books.

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