Prepping and Planning

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Zendaya point of view:
I knocked on the door of Trevor's office and waited for him to open up. This morning has been an absolute hell in a hand basket so I honestly think I'm ready for whatever crap he wants me to do for him. The door opened and Trevor let me in. I muttered a thank you and went to my desk. Trevor shut the door.
Trevor- I hope you got a good night sleep cause we've got a lot of work to do.
Zendaya- great. What's going on?
Trevor- I'm planning a gala with the head of Simmons Corp and everything has to be perfect. There are plenty of important faces in the business world and I can't look like a fool.
To not look like a fool? Yeah, he'll need all the help her can get. I picked up my iPad and went to my notes, opening a new page. I sat on the side of my desk and got ready to type.
Zendaya- okay, what do we need?
Trevor- we need to call the catering company and order two dozen plates of....
I listened to his stupid list and typed everything on my iPad. Damn, I need to do a lot of things. Oh well. This is what I signed up for. Then what he said next made me want to punch him in his stupid handsome face.
Trevor- .....and you will be my DATE so you'll need....
Zendaya- whoa, hold up. Date? As in....a date?
Trevor- yes?
Zendaya- umm, why?
Trevor- because I can't show up to my own gala with out a date at my side. People will talk.
He said in a matter a fact type way. I cocked an eyebrow.
Zendaya- so why me?
Trevor- well, you are very pretty and have a nice body. And your tall so our heights will be in proportion of one another. And it's just one night. And it's not even a real date. Just stand next to me and you meet some of my colleagues and tell them how much of a good boss I am.
Zendaya- yeah, I'd rather not start our fake relationship off with lies.
Trevor and I have developed a very sarcastic and joking relationship over the past few weeks. Not really friends. More like acquaintances. He looked at me and gave me a sarcastic smirk before rolling his eyes.
Trevor- funny.
Zendaya- I'm serious. Why me?
Trevor- because I honestly feel closer to you than any of my other female employees.
That shut me up. He really feels that way.
Trevor- most of the women here see me as either a boss or a body. You see me as a person. And because of that, I do respect you. A lot. That's why I asked you.
I nodded my head. Well, if that is truly how he feels about me and is that desperate. I'll do it.
Zendaya- fine. But you're paying for the dress.
Trevor- it's already picked out.
Zendaya- goody.
He smiled and sat at his desk. I sighed and went through the list of things I need to do on my iPad. Then I got a text from Justin, the guy from the club. And my most recent one night stand. He was okay. I wanted it to last longer, but whatever. I don't know why he's texting me. It was a one time thing. I'm not looking for a relationship. Especially from a one night stand.
Justin: hey wanna have lunch ?
Zendaya: no. Justin, I told you I don't want to be in a relationship.
Justin: come on, baby. Our night together was fun.
I rolled my eyes.
Zendaya: sure.
Justin: so why can't we just hang?
Zendaya: cause I don't want to hang with you. I'm sorry. I'm not interested.
Justin: you were last night.
Zendaya: beer goggles. Not interested. Please leave me alone.
Justin: you're gonna regret this, Zendaya.
Zendaya: I'm shaking.
I exited out of my messages and blocked his number. Boys. I'm looking for a man, not a boy. Now back to work. I sent an email to the caterer and florist and knocking out everything on my list. Then Daniel came into the office. He's looking fine today. He winked at me and went up to Trevor's desk. I smiled and continued typing.
Daniel- Trevor, my lil brother.
Trevor- hey, man. What's up?
Daniel- man, have you seen Bella? She's been gone all day.
Oh crap.
Trevor- no. Who's covering for her at the front desk?
Daniel- Caroline. But it's not the same. I miss that lil perky redhead. I swear that little white girl is black at heart.
I smiled. It's true.
Trevor- you know, I heard that Mr. Sulkin is missing too.
Wait, Gregg? What happened to Gregg? He was supposed to be taking Bella home. That asshole. When I find him, he is dead. I was knocked out my thoughts by a hand on my shoulder. I looked up and saw Daniel.
Daniel- hey, ma.
Zendaya- hello.
Daniel- it's just me, Daya. No need for that formal shit. Okay?
Trevor- can you two lovebirds flirt on your own time? Danny, I don't pay you to get head.
He said typing on his laptop.
Daniel- fine. You know where to fine me.
He smirked and walked out the door. As flattered and attracted to him as I am, I stand by saying I do not want to get in a serious relationship right now. Then I looked at Trevor. He looked kind of annoyed.
Zendaya- and what's wrong with you?
Trevor- me? I'm good.
Zendaya- I have a feeling someone's getting a little jealous.
Trevor- of?
Zendaya- oh come on. You saw Daniel flirting with me and drove you nuts.
Trevor- Daniel flirts with everyone. Please.
Zendaya- okay, sure.
Trevor- and besides, I knew you'd turn some heads here.
Zendaya- oh really?
Trevor- yes. Like I said before, you are a very beautiful young woman so I see the attraction. Not to mention that most of the guys here are horny as hell.
Zendaya- no, I just think you're jealous.
Trevor- you would've thought.
Zendaya- denial.
I said and went back to work, smiling. He's so jealous! I wonder what would happen if I pushed the boundaries. Hmm.... I have a plan!

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