Chapter 8

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"Huh?" I asked. I must be hearing things. 

"I said you are sleeping over" he said, with a satisfied grin on his face. 

I knew that even if I tried arguing, it wouldn't get me anywhere, so I just sat there silently in his car until we arrived.

Mr. and Mrs. Williams were already seated in the sitting room when we arrived.

"Oh good, you're here. Trish, could you please show Aqua to the guest room" Mrs. Williams said. 

"Sure mom." 

There was a very long staircase, and looking at it made my head spin. 

"Are you ok?" Trish asked. 

"Huh? Yeah, I'll be fine..." 

I held on to the side of the stair case because I was dizzy, but I managed to get halfway up the staircase. By then, I was breathing heavily, and my breath was shortening. 

"Aqua, Aqua, can you hear me?" Trish asks. 

I look up at her and I can barely make out her form. Great, I'm going to die in Jake's house. 

"Mum! Dad!" Trish yells. I hear footsteps coming towards me. 

"Oh my God! Is everything ok?!" Mrs. Williams asks. 

"Jake! Don't just stand there, carry her!" Mrs. Williams says. 

It took all the strength in me to stop him. 

"No, I'll be fine, do you have an inhaler?" I asked. Even to myself I sounded like I was dying. 

"Yes of course dear, Tim honey, bring the first aid box, its in the closet on the second door to the left" Mrs. Williams said to Mr. Williams. 

"Come on Aqua, I'll help you up" Trish said. She knew that I had my reasons for not wanting to get carried by Jake. 

You see, if Jake carried me in his arms, what would I look like? I would seem like a desperate bitch who would do just about anything, even get sick, to be in Jake's arms. I would be just like the other girls at school, and I didn't want that. Plus being in his arms would worsen my condition...probably. Jake will probably only see me as a train wreck from now on, that's if he didn't think that before. 

"Mum, the guest room is too far, I think she needs to lie down..." Trish said. 

I couldn't make out what more was being said, but a couple of minutes later, I was lying on a very soft bed. Even when I'm sick, I can tell that Jake has been in this room before. It smells like him, and Jake smells nice. Maybe this wouldn't be such a bad way to die after all...

A couple of minutes later, Mr. Williams walked in with a white metal box. 

"Do you need the inhaler now dear?" he asked me. 

"No, thanks, not now..." I said. 

He handed me a cup which had a very cold liquid in it and told me to drink it. I took a sip, and I felt a small amount of relief wash over me.  

We all sat there quietly for a couple of minutes and then Mrs. Williams broke the silence. 

"Ok Jake, I'll tell one of the maids to go set up for you in the guest room..." 

"What...?' I asked. 

"Well dear, this is Jake's room" Mrs. Williams said  

"Oh, no its ok, I'll move" I said, and started getting up, but my shoulder was killing me. 

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