Chapter 1 - Space Is Just A Word...

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Chapter 1 - Space is just a word....

"Amber Colton! Wake up right now." My mom shouted.

"Gimme five mins mom!" I shouted back.

I snoozed my alarm clock for five mins and went back to sleep.

"AMBER!" My mom shouted.

I knew if I sleep again, I'm gonna get one so I quickly got up, took a quick shower and changed into my batman t-shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans. I wore a high messy bun and wore my black snickers and I was ready for school.

I waved my mom who was busy in the kitchen, took an apple and went outside to see Sarah waiting in her new car.

When will I get mine?

"Hey Amber! Get in."

I got in and the engine roared beneath us.

"Guess what?" Sarah started the conversation.

"Any new "hot" guy in school?" I said hot with quotes because she always managed to get a new hot guy everyday.

Sarah Mitchell is my only best friend. Kelvin High would be hell if she had not been there. She is completely opposite to me. I'm an introvert, arrogant, immature badass bitch. At least that's what people thinks while Sarah is a jolly, beautiful, cheery girl. I have this dark brown hair while she has blonde hair.

"How do you know?" She squealed.

"Because you are my best friend." I sighed.

She stopped the car outside Kelvin High and hugged me. I was a little taken aback but then I just patted her hands which were wrapped around my shoulder. I don't like touches and stuff.

"Okay! Okay! Let's go."

Our first class was not same. She had maths, I had P.E. I don't like maths.

Before going to our respected classes Sarah called "hey Amber! Space was just a word made up by someone who's afraid to get close." And left.

I stood there. I was frozen.

Why would she say that?

After few mins I went to P.E. class. I changed into shorts and tank top which were our uniforms. I was in basketball.

I was in the changing room alone when someone spoke "Oh! Look! Who we have here? The arrogant bitch."

I turned around to see the person I was expecting to say those words.

"Emma you hate me. I know that. Trust me the feeling is mutual. Why don't we go to our different paths and never talk to each other."

"You bitch stop talking to me like that!" She said holding me by my top.

Emma Robins, Kelvin High's queen bee. With those dark curls and sweet face every boy will fall for her charm. But her heart is as black as mines.

I rolled my eyes as I removed her hand from my top.

"You don't want a punch on your beautiful face, do you?" I said.

"You have the audacity to say that to me." She shouted.

I just rolled my eyes. I pushed her aside and went to the ground to play basketball. I knew she was shocked by my behavior. It's not my fault. I just have low tolerance to bullshit!


As I played basketball with other basketball students of Kelvin High a new guy entered the basketball ground.

Our couch blew the whistle to get our attention.

"Guys! This is our new student. Ashton Cooper! And why are you late on your first day."

He was our age. His blonde hair was spiked up. His sparkly light blue bedroom eyes can make any girl go head over heel.

Girls were squealing in happiness and was saying to each other that he is hot and stuff. Boys were gaping at him, clearly angry because after he came they don't have a chance on these girls. And here me, I just sighed.

"Sorry sir! I was taken to principal's office for punching a guy."

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Here goes the new hottest bad boy of Kelvin High.

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