Chapter 2:

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"Hey, where were the two of you?" Jeremy asked Ashton, as soon as he and Mel came into view. We had returned back to our table and Jer and I were waiting for Ashton to show up.

"Uh, nothing man, I was just helping her unpack, when we were coming back we got caught and lectured for being late, so..." Ashton replied, making up an instant lie. 

Too bad for him, I already knew why he was late.

"Don't lie." I muttered. 

"Guys, I'll be right back. Excuse me, sorry." I got up and gave Jer a don't-worry-I'm-fine look.

I got up, and was ready to leave when suddenly a hand stopped me. I could recognize that firm grip from anywhere, only one person could be so careful with me.

"Whats wrong?" He asked me, his breathtaking blue eyes piercing right into my heart. He didn't know of the effect he had on me.

"Nothing, just going to Madds" I replied. I didn't lie, it was just half the truth. Something did happen but I was also going to Maddison.

He knew I was lying, and instead of asking me any more questions he just sighed and pulled away, taking a seat beside Mel. Oh joy.

I walked up to Madds' table.

"Hey guys!" I chirped.

"Whats wrong, Anna? You look upset, did you cry?" Asked Austin.

Wow. These people really do know me well.

"I-no, no, whats gotten into ya'll, why would I be crying?" I replied. Trying to sound normal again.

"Oh please Anns, we know you better than you know yourself" Said Lucy.

"Okay, so you are here, but where's Ashton?" Asked Madds

"With Mel." I tried hard not to reply bitterly, but to my amazement Madds seemed to understand the problem already.

"Are they together or something?" Asked Mason.

I chuckled. Stupid boy.

"God knows whats going on with him? Ask him later if you want." I said casually.

"Chuck. So tell me, how are your groups treating you?"

"Just fine! I actually love mine, no offence to any of you, but I'm actually having fun, although it would be great if we were together! But, its time to make new friends, and its pretty awesome." Said Samantha.

"I agree with her" said Andrew and all the others nodded their heads.

"The games will be fun." I stated evilly. "We are all against each other."

The entire table burst out laughing; Yes, this would be fun. Over the years we have challenged each other for lots of things, it started from stupid dares to bets on who gets to buy the lunch. We all loved competition, well, challenges actually. I loved competing with these guys, not only do they complete the challenges or bets but also because they play the most hilarious pranks on each other. I know what you're thinking, where did pranking come from? Well, the bets I told you about? They generally are based on the ability of one annoying the other.

I remember all the fun inter-school competitions we've had. Every one of us gets into the game spirit, and we don't take losses to the heart. We become thirsty idiots who want to win, and to win you need to cheat, right? Well, when they cheat? It calls for popcorn. That, my friends, is some hardcore entertainment.

"Everyone! Return back to your groups, the games will begin." Coach's voice boomed through the little hall.

Everyone said their goodbyes, and just when I was ready to leave, someone pulled me from behind. And crashed me into a hug.

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