Chapter Seventeen

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^This song is I'll Try from Peter Pan 2: Return to Neverland. It probably should have been in an earlier chapter, but I forgot about it.

As I had expected, many of Neverland's inhabitants had rushed to the source of my scream, each of their many unique weapons drawn and ready for a bloody battle.

The Indians had their bowstrings full of stone tipped arrows. The fairies had their sparkling pixie dust at the ready. The Lost Boys with their tiny crude blades, and the pirates with long swords shining in the dawn light. All were armed and all were deadly.

The pirates surrounded me and Hook in a protective circle of bodies that would not allow any of my rescuers through. The objective was clear: if they wanted through, they had to take out the pirates first. And that would not be an easy feat,

The battle started almost instantly. Swords and knives clashed together, ping ponging around the early morning light. Arrows struck down anyone foolish enough to cross the Indians' blood driven war path. And the fairies slashed people down with their sparkling pixie dust.

It seemed clear from the beginning who's side everyone was on, or at least I had thought it was. The pirates obviously were defending their rugged leader until the biggest purse took their loyalty. The Lost Boys fighting for the justice they thought I deserved. Only the Indians seemed neutral in all of the bloody chaos. Their bows were aimed at everyone and no one all at once. Everyone made sense in their ceaseless battles. Everyone was utterly predictable.

But it was the fairies that confused me and broke that predictability. I desperately tried to pinpoint their loyalties as I struggled to free myself of Captain Hook and his cursed rope.

The little pixies should have been fighting along side the Lost Boys, their loyalty basically bought and paid for by Pan, but, instead, they seemed to be attacking the boys. They were throwing everything their little pixie dust powers had at the poor children, knocking them back away from the pirates and into the Indians' path.

So the fairies had betrayed Pan? But why?

I scanned the crowd of fighters, searching for a certain blonde haired fae. Her green clad figure was oddly absent.

Maybe she was off attending to Pan, and knew nothing of the other fairies' betrayal?

With the fairy problem stored in the back of my mind, I peeked over at the boys.

Even as the odds stacked against the Lost Boys, they fought on. Their faith in me was almost astounding. Why would they waste their time and energy saving me when their own leader was off hiding somewhere?

I glanced away from the bloody scene going on around me and instead focused on the situation I was in.

The inside of the protective circle was oddly...serene. No one was trying to attack us directly, so it gave me a few short seconds to observe the pirate captain.

He was staring out at the crowd, his green eyes darting around for a spot of vermilion hair amongst the backdrop of scarlet blood. As he searched, his stance became lax and his hand slipped from its hold on the hilt of his sword. It still gripped the length of my rope, but his fingers were growing weaker and weaker as he became more and more distracted by Pan's mysterious whereabouts.

It was time to put my plans of revenge into action.

I took a small step towards the captain, then I glanced around me see if the other pirates noticed. They were all too busy fighting for their lives to care whether their captain's was in danger.

While I had been observing the shrinking crowd, I had worked one of my wrists free from its binding. I slipped it free as I approached Hook but left the other secured in the rope. I figured that if I pulled both free, it would instantly alert Hook that I had gotten loose. I didn't want him to see my revenge coming. It would ruin the grand surprise.

I stepped right up behind him and carefully moved my hand towards his unprotected sword.

He had long since removed his hand and was instead fingering the end of the rope. It must have been a nervous habit from his childhood that never truly left him. It was sure to get him killed.

I grabbed the hilt of his sword and silently slid it from its sheathe . It dropped into my hand without incident. I pulled back from the vulnerable pirate.

He was still staring out at the crowd, unaware that his end was indeed near.

I positioned his sword in my hand and tried to point it between his shoulders. It barely reached his waist. I had not anticipated how utterly heavy it really was. I could barely lift it with one hand, but I still had to try.

Just then a cry rent the air above the grunts and groans of the bloodbath. "Lost Boys, away!"

I dropped the sword and glanced towards the source of the shout. It was Pan! The boy leader had finally shown his face! But he was calling the boys away? He never left until victory was within his grasp.

I peeked over at the boys and realized that the combined power of the pirates and the fairies had worn the Lost Boys down. They had been losing miserably. The only reason any of them were alive was thanks to their ability to fly. An ability only the pirates and the Indians did not possess.

As they flew away with their obnoxious leader, the Indians scattered. The fight was over and I had lost my window of opportunity.

I slid my wrist back into its bindings and quickly stepped away from Hook.

It seemed my plans of revenge would have to wait until another golden window appeared to me.

Author's Note:

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P.S. I know that Indians is not the correct term, but it is used in the for the sake of that I keep it. I do not want to offend any one!

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