abused Harry Potter

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Chapter 1

Mark just left me here after one of my beating.lying in my own pool of blood.

Why do i have to be the one covered in bruises? My whole body is covered in them. I get bullied in school be cause of it.I get called a loser,battered baby,un wanted freak you see everyone calls me a freak because i can make wierd things happen like one time Sophie the most popular kid in the school was punching me and all of a sudden i got really angry and i made her fly back and hit a wall. Ican contact people through their mind but i always feel like someone's trying to get in to my mind and find me so i always block my mind.i know i am a freak but i should tell u who i am first.

i am Charlotte Black i am 13years old and i am very quiet. My mother Hannah Black was married to Sirus Black and found out she was pregnant with me just 1 month into the marriage.No one knew about me because she said she had to keep me safe and my dad was away fighting are something so she couldnt tell him.When i was just 2 months old someone killed my mother for no reason.

A very  old man came in and took me away to an orphanage because it wasn't safe to live with my dad.i don't know If my dad knows that i exist yet because the old guy didnt want anyone to know about me.

You are probably  wondering how i know this, well i was just a baby, but i have dreams (i know weird) but i know there true because i remember it happening.

The orphanage was alright but i used to get teased for being weird and we didn't get fed lots because the orphanage was poor, but it was alright,i lived there untill i was 8 then Mark  came and adopted me and i was glad to be getting out but it didn't turn out how i expected and now Mark abuses me physically and verbally.

Thats how it came to now

Get up u freak this is how i wake up everyday, with Mark screaming at me.

I get dressed in my bathroon and  walk to the kitchen and make the breakfast for Mark,i make him a fry.

"What are you doing you!!"

"I didn't want tomatoes and you know that, you ungrateful brat.His hand came up and slapped me on the cheek,the force sent me flying into the wall.My cheek is throbbing with pain."Gett up and wash the dishes", he then took the frying pan which was still heating  and through it at me I put my arm over my face to protect my self "ahhh" i was crying in pain and screaming as the pan gets  stuck to my arm with the heat.I had to get up so I got up and Mark ripped the pain of my skin leaving a patch of red peeled of skin on my arm.I cleaned the dishes silently crying.Mark went out so i need to clean the house before he come home(drunk) so don't get a worse beating.

I dont know why he gets so mad at small silly things but that is just the way he is but i should be more grateful,i have a roof over my head,right?

5 hours later

i am done cleaning the whole house.

"Charlotte"Mark screAmed oh dear he's really drunk this isn't going to go well.

Mark comes over and pins me to the wall and slaps me and punches me, forming new bruises over my old ones.My whole body is sore but i can't do anything are he will beat me even worse.He walks away to he torture cupboard i like to call it that and be gets his worse whip out and take my top of and whip me across the back the pain is agonizing and i let out a few screams but it gets worse, blood is pouring down my back making a puddle o the floor after an hour later of whipping I am exhausted and ready to pass out after loosing so much blood.He goes to the cupboard and gets out his knife and carve words into my back and arms i can only see my arms and hes carved unwanted,bitch.i am loosing more and more blood as he keeps kicking me and burning me with his lighter.

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