(Edited) Chapter 32 & 33

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Chapter 32


I wake up in the morning feeling extremely fresh and warm. There is something heavy on and I'm nuzzling my head into a warm, albeit hard pillow. I snuggle closer to it, enjoying how amazing it feels. I can't remember the last time I'd slept so comfortably. I run my finger down the pillow, only to realize it didn't feel like a pillow at all!

Since when did pillows feel like skin and were so hard?

My eyes pop open with a start. I realize I wasn't hugging a pillow. No, it was a living, breathing, person—a human. And not just any human; it was Aiden.

Okay Scarlett, calm down, everything is going to be okay. Don't start hyperventilating right now.

Why had I been cuddling Aiden and why wasn't he wearing a shirt? Our legs are all tangled up. His right arm is wrapped around my body, clutching it close to his, with my head resting on his bare chest.

I've never felt so embarrassed in my whole life.

The door to the room suddenly bangs open, startling both Aiden and me. Aiden wakes up, his heart racing in his chest. "What the hell?!" he gasps out loud, bewildered.

Guess who stands at the door?

"Good. You're both alive. I thought you would have murdered each other by now," Darren says. He actually looks relieved.

"Oh don't worry; we were too busy plotting your murder. Killing each other didn't even cross our minds," I reply, smiling at him.

He ignores my threat. "So did it work?"

"If by that you mean whether if we decided to stop fighting and become friends again, then yeah, it did work," Aiden responds, sitting up.

"But seriously, next time, you tell us to talk things out instead of locking us in a room and forgetting all about it."

"I didn't forget, okay? I just drank a bit last night, and my friends wouldn't let me drive back here. So I had to spend the night there. However, based on how you two were snuggled together on the bed, I don't think it could have been that bad, am I right?"

I feel my cheeks heat up, and I'm sure Aiden looks equally flustered. We both make it a point to ignore Darren's comment.

Even though I'm still kind of annoyed that he locked us in together, forcing us to get in such an awkward situation, I can't help feeling a little thankful. If it hadn't been for him, Aiden and I wouldn't be on talking right now.


"So your friend Susan is dating Adam now?" Aiden clarifies. I nod in response. "Isn't he the same guy who was your date to the carnival?"

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