Emily Dragion (Fairy Tail fanfiction)

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“Ziseng? Wh-where are you??”

My soft voice called helplessly for my mother.

“Ziseng?? ………ZISENG??!”

I ran through the training fields. Normally my mother and I would train here. Day in, day out, training was the only thing we did. I had to get my Magic under control!

Because of my good sense of smell, it was possible for me to smell persons or animals who walked over to me from a long distance. But this time I wasn’t even able to smell Ziseng…

It was like she just…..disappeared…..before I would wake up…..without me being able to hear or smell her…

Why would she do this? Did…..did I do anything wrong?

Did I hurt her?

I cried. Ziseng wouldnt leave me. She wouldn’t abandon her daughter…..or would she?

We supported each other through thick and thin. Also when my uncle came to visit us. He would tell us about his son, and how he trained him.

I was really curious about that mysterious son of him….

But if my stepfather, Igneel, visited us, he would want to fight Ziseng all the time.

At those moments, I was scared like hell. Scared, because I thought that Igneel would hurt Ziseng or that he would even kill her!!

But….Igneel wasn’t like that. He was an amazing stepfather and he helped me with gaining control over my fire powers. Now and then it was my turn to fight him.

When he fought with me, he would always win….. Of course, because of his enormous size….

And yes, I was only seven years old….

Oh, yeah, I forgot to tell something. Something about my Magic and my mother.

The first thing you have to know, is that Ziseng, my mother, is a dragon. The Dragon of Nature.

I, as her daughter, inherited all her powers. I’m a mage. I already have a lot of Magic in my possession, which my mother and Igneel, the fire dragen, taught me. The Magic of the nature and the elements.

I had already spent four years training. I began when I was three, because apparently Ziseng thought that I was old enough (unbelievable right…. -_-).

We began with….well…..everything. Learning how to control the elements, how to use my senses, getting to know the nature and a whole lot more.

When I would be older, I would be a real mage and I would join a guild. I couldn’t wait!


I was kind of too young…

Last night Ziseng told me a really amazing story. A story about a guild. Fairy Tail. It was the guild with the most incredible mages of Fiore. She told me that Igneel’s son would join that guild!!

At least…..that was what Igneel had told her.

She told that if I would ever get lost, I should go to that guild.

Fairy Tail was in Magnolia, a city that would take a very long time to get to. It was known as a crowded city where were many festivals, organised by the guilds from the city.

But, if I would get lost, how would I possibly get there?? I didn’t even know where it was and which way I had to take to get anywhere near that village.

I told that to Ziseng. She understanded me of course, but what she also said was:

‘You will meet someone. Someone who can help you find your way. Maybe you won’t be on the right path immediately, the path to Magnolia, but you’ll come there. For sure.’

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