Chapter six

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I walked outside with my head held down because I felt my mates eyes on me as soon as I stepped out. His entire pack was watching me for gods sake but I only felt his eyes. I knew Titus wasn't in the pack house just now so I know he didn't just see me about to kiss my bestfriend, but I swear to the moon goddess above I knew it was impossible but I felt like he knew.

"Angel, are you alright?" Cain asks while walking up to me. I nodded at him and began walking along with the rest of Titus's friends and his pack.

They wouldn't stop the uproar of cheering for me and it felt overwhelming. It was nice that they liked me and they didn't even know me yet but it was bittersweet because I was leaving the only home I've always only known to join a new one with my mate. it was so crazy how your life arputly changes once you find your mate. I almost began to wonder if I would have been happier if I didn't find him but that thought was immediately erased from my brain when I thought of his smile, and his voice. just simply him.

I waved my goodbyes to my friends as they stood on the pack house porch and watched me disappear into the distance.

Houston's POV

"I still don't trust them." I clenched my jaw while walking side by side with Titus. He was very quiet every since Angelina stepped outside and began walking back to the pack house with us. I was convinced he was having a battle in his head. He was always quiet and distant when he had a lot to think about. I new him for so many years I basically even know how he thinks. We all do actually.

"Well I've always taught you not to trust anyone but your brothers." Was Titus's response as he stared ahead at Angelina who was walking with Cain, Dean and Hunter.

When we arrive at our pack grounds Titus ordered for everyone to go to there individual homes. He seemed tired and still distant. Hunter, Dean, Cain and I followed after Titus and Angelina who were heading to the pack house. We all stayed quiet. It was so unusual for Titus to be acting like this so we were all discussing through mind link that we were worried. I hoped when he and Angel went to his room that she could make him feel better, if anyone could it would be her since she's the reason he's acting this way anyway.

Angel didn't say a word as she took it upon herself to walk to the stairs and head to Titus's room. He watched her until he couldn't see her anymore and when we heard his bedroom door shut he sighed loudly.

"Just go talk to her." Cain said lowly. We all looked at Titus hoping he would just go up there. I hated seeing him look as if he lost his best friend. He needed his mate and she was here.

"Titus GO." I urged him and he pressed his lips together and headed for the steps. He walked slowly and timidly, almost like he was nervous. I chuckled to myself because for the first time of my life I saw my best friend, Our best friend actually weak for a girl, his mate. It was unbelievable.

Angelina's POV

When I heard the door closing behind me I took in a sharp breath. I was sitting on the bed with my back facing his way and I was glad because I was too nervous to look at him. His footsteps then sounded off and then he was suddenly standing in front of me.

He put his hand out for me to take so I took it. His dark eyes looked even darker and sad. His smell made want to be wrapped in his embrace but I was too nervous to do anything but what he told me to do. He still hasn't said a word as his tall frame leads me into the bathroom. I stood against the sink as I watched him start the bath water and dim the lights in the bathroom. When the tub began to half way fill he stood in front of me again.

"take off your clothes." He demanded and licked his bottom lip. I pressed my lips together and did as I was told. We both began removing our clothes without loosing eye contact. I wondered what was going through his mind, what he was thinking about and mostly what he thought about me.

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