Yn:{stormed in the house} 

Prod:{follows holding his phone}

Yn:DIGGY {going in your room}


Diggy:whats up Yn and Prod

Prod:whats up

Diggy:soo u really leaving before i do

Yn:i guess so mom being a ....u no what

Diggy:yea i dont no why but she been strested out she and dad started smoking again have u even seen dad

Yn:no this is bad

Diggy:i no very bad soo i heard u pregant


Diggy:so when do u think it happen the first or second or thrid  time yall was here

Prod:we havnt done it 3 times here

Diggy:umm o my bad{grabing your clothes}

Yn:{nervous}{next to diggy helping him}

Prod:{drop your stuff on the bed} what is he talking bout we only had sex here 2 times

Yn:i dont no

Diggy:i think u should come help me take this downstairs

Yn:yea come on twin

Diggy&Yn:{try to walk down stair}


Yn:lower your voice

Prod:{sits on the bed}diggy Yn come diggy follow

Yn:am i yo dog {additude}

Prod:this iss not a time to play wit me

Yn:i already told u i had sex with prince

Prod:oh then why are u so scared when i asked

Diggy:because they didnt use a condom


Yn:{slaps him in the back of the head}


Yn:how do u no these things

Diggy:i got a carmea in your room

Yn:ughh i hate u

Prod:so u telling me that could be princeton baby not mines


Prod:so u fucked 3 people in mb

Yn:teckanle {sp} they fucked me

Prod:{tears fall from his eyes}u had sex with everyone huh who next roc....twist...diggy your own brother

Yn:Twist not even on tour with yall n eww no

Prod:Twist Jawan Harris and New Boyz was coming in a week that was a suprize for u i no how much u luv Twist

Yn:{tearing eyes}aww for me

Prod:no it was for u

Yn:what do u mean

Diggy:Yn i think u should leave let me talk to prod

Yn:no i wanna see what he got to say

Prod:i think we should br-break up


Prod:we needa break up we been thur to much

Diggy:{hugs u}that what i was trying to tell u

Prod:i'll be out of here after i help u pack

Yn:{crying}where am im sopost to go

Prod:u can still live with me but u cant sleep with me


Diggy:{hugging u}its ok baby sister

Yn:Prod i think u umm should leave

Prod:umm yea but we can still be friends right{kiss u on the cheek and walk down stairs}

Yn:diggy what am im so post to do now

Diggy:call ray or prince since they could be the dad to

Yn:{call ray}


Yn:{crying}Prodigy broke up with me

Ray:he what

Yn:broke up with me


Yn:because he think u or prince the dad of my child

Ray:oh ok well u coming back here

Yn:yea im coming back today

Ray:oh ok 


Ray:i luv u{friendly way}

Yn:i luv u to{friendly way}

Yall hang up..........You and diggy finsh packing everything u wanted and goes to sleep in diggys holding u like a baby


Diggy:umm prod we leaveing now{with a bag in his hand}

Prod:iight lets go{grab your bag}

Yn:{grab a bag}

Everybody get in the car

Diggy:soo are we all friends here

Prod:yea i guess so




Prod:{sits next to u in the car}

Yn:{looks out the window the whole ride}

Im going to skip when they get back to the house

Prince:{runs up to u hugging u}{spins u around}YN!!!!!!!!

Yn:{giggles}hey Prince

Roc:{hugs u} Welcome back

Yn:i only left one day{hugs back} 

Ray:{hugs u}it felt like a year

Yn:really wow{hugs back}

Ash:{hugs u} hey sissy

Yn:hey{hugs back}

Jassy:hey{stand there looking akward}

Yn:oh hey

Jassy:i heard about u and prod

Yn:oh yea .......

Prod:ima just be in the kitchen

Roc:I'll go talk to him

Roc goes an the kitch and sees....................

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