Finnick~ You Volunteer pt 2

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I run as quickly as I can. The fog burned my entire left arm. Finnick leads the way. Peeta and Katniss run together right behind me. The fog closes in around us. I can hear everyone screaming every so often as we run. I'm surprised when I hear myself scream a few times. Suddenly Finnick comes to a stop, the edge of a small cliff is in front of us.

Finnick looks back at me and reaches his hand out to me. We both jump and slide down the dirt. Katniss and Peeta do the same. We all collapse on the ground exhausted. I groan out, burns cover my legs.

I watch the fog creep down closer to us. Just before it can reach Peeta's foot, it stops as if it hit a wall. I crawl towards the small pond a few feet away from us. I slip my hand in and scream out, it burns but the burns fade away. I notice Katniss is doing the same thing.

"Finnick!" I yell trying to get his attention.

"Hmm?" He rolls over in pain.

"The water, it helps." I instruct and pull my whole body in the water.

Soon, all of us lay in the water, trying to soothe our aching muscles. I hear a twig snap and immediately look for the source. I look up, where I thought the sound came from. I was right.

"Umm, you guys?" I whisper.

"What?" Peeta asks.

I have no words. I just point up to the tree. The tree filled with angry monkeys, they move closer to us looking angrier by the second. I reach for my sword, everyone else does the same with their own weapon.

The first monkey leaps towards us, Katniss shoots him with an arrow before he can do any harm. That doesn't mean anything for his friends. Pure chaos. Too many monkeys are racing to us. I've killed everyone to come to me.

"The beach." Katniss mutters.

"We need to get to the beach. Now" I agree.

We all run as fast as we can to the beach. As soon as our feet hit the sand, the monkeys stop. As if there is an invisible line they can't cross. Whatever it is, I'm thankful for. I roll over and look around. The beach isn't empty. I can see a group of three people.

"(Y/n)?" One of them shouts.

I look closer.

"Johanna!" I scream.

I run over to their group and give her a bone crushing hug. Thank god she's alive. Finnick is just behind me, they hug too. The two groups mash forming a big group of allys that I know I wouldn't want to go against.

"I'm gonna get some more supplies." I state.

"I'll come with." Finnick declares.

He follows me on the rocky path. His wide frame teeters as he tried to balance on the narrow walkway to the cornucopia.

"Sooo" Finnick says awkwardly.

"Soooo. We kinda confessed our love for each other." I state plainly with a shrug.

Finnick chuckles at my bluntness. I turn around to face him as we reach the cornucopia. Finnick steps closer. My instinct is so take a step back but I ignore it. He brushed a loose strand behind my ear.


"Shh" Finnick cuts me off.

We both back up until my back reaches the edge of the cornucopia. Finnick leans in, I smile. Finnick catches the mischief cross my face but he's too late.

I push him into the water behind him. The splash erupts with my laughs.

"Alright. I should've seen that coming."

He reaches a hand for me to pull him up.

"Yeah, like I'm gonna fall for that!" I laugh.

I set down my sword and cannonball into the water right next to Finn.

Finnick stops laughing and asks, "If you were gonna jump in anyway, why couldn't I pull you in?"

"I didn't want to give you the pleasure" I laugh too.

I swim closer to him and wrap my hands on the back of his neck. I pull him in quickly and our lips meet.

"What was that?" Finnick smirks.

"I wanted to catch you off guard." I smile, "And I thought it would be fitting if our first kiss was in water."

"You never cease to surprise me (Y/n)." Finnick smiles softly.

"That's my goal." I smile.

This time, Finnick leads the kiss.

The bliss I feel right now, almost makes my forget we're in the Hunger Games. I'm in the Hunger Games with the love of my life. My partner. We all know that the game makers aren't the biggest fans of couples. This will make for a fun games.

Part 3? Sorry this took me so long! I forgot I started a second part and I just finished it. Vote for a part 3 or if you liked it :)

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