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unknown number : hey babygirl

Jade Silver's POV

I woke up this morning to a message from an unknown number.

"hey babygirl." I read to myself.

me : sorry, who is this?

I locked my phone and got out of bed to go brush my teeth and get ready for the day. I decided to wear an oversized sweater with black tights.

I sat down at my desk and opened my laptop to another day of online school. While I was waiting for my laptop to turn on I decided to text my friends.

groupchat ;

me : what up benches

tina : at the doctors, found out i got the flu.

me : awh, feel better little cactus

matthew : lookie here, little tina is sick when i told her not to go to the beach with hot boys :/

tina : oh shut up matthew i know you wish you were there *smirk*

matthew : tru

matthew : whatcha doin jade?

me : well im waiting for my laptop to load.

me : guys i got a message from an unknown number at 3am, wierd right?

matthew : kinda, did you reply?

me : yeah but i got no reply

me : hold on ill talk you guys later gotta do my classes :/

matthew : bye munchkin

tina : byee fish


I finished my classes and went to the fridge to make some lunch.

"Hi munchkin!"

"Holy shit Matthew." 

"Sorry darling."

"I bought thaï express!"

"Good timing I was about to make lunch."

We sat on the couch and ate our food while watching an episode of oitnb.

"Did you get a reply from mystery person yet?"

"Nope, but hopefully I do. I wanna know who this person is."

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