Flights of Fantasy - The Pub Fantasy Smackdowns

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Well, as I seem to be partaking of more than one Fantasy Smackdown now, I thought I'd add in a little bit here just to explain the concept of the smackdowns and this little compilation. 

A smackdown on Wattpad is a user led competition that pits various Wattpadians against each other in an informal short story battle. Each round has different rules which are listed at the start of each of the short stories and can vary in length and sub genre. Some use picture prompts, some phrases and sometimes all sorts of combinations of stuff designed to test the writer and really make them think. 

This particular compilation is all the Fantasy smackdown entries I've completed. Artefact through to the Garden of Badb were in the first smackdown I entered, with the final piece posted seperately as The Gathering Dark, which was my story for the Final Round. 

Most of the smackdowns happen in The Pub. I've taken part in several genres now, but all sorts of different smackdowns have been done and I even won the Science Fiction one which was a great privelidge. The smackdowns to me really showcase what can be accomplished on Wattpad when users get their heads together to think about their genres, challenge each other to write better and really enjoy the whole short story writing process. If you haven't done one before, get in there and do it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. They're a marvellous experience. 

Anyhoo, enough of me rambling on... go read my Fantasy shorts and I hope you enjoy them. Comments, votes, critique always very much welcomed! Cheers, Gav

PS My thanks for Whisperingwater for the rather neat cover to this thing. 

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