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Dedicated to Ramshaaaaa for your works!!

I woke up to hear a huge crash from downstairs.

My dad was up.

"Where is that little bitch!" I look around the room and decided I was going to get my things from school and go out the window.

I pull my covers off me and tried to gather my things in a bag. I heard his footsteps and looked at the door before zipping up my bag I ran to the window and open it when he pulls me back and my body slammed against my desk.

"I know you heard me calling you! Why is there no breakfast on the table!" I looked at the time and saw I woke up late.

"I must have overslept. I'll go make it right now." I get up but he slaps me across the face which makes me fall back down.

"You slut! You were with some boy!" I shook my head but he punched me in my stomach.

I crawl to the door but he dragged me and hits the back of my head. I scream out in pain and I heard the door fly open. Dad kicked me in the back and I tried to pull my hair back.

Colin was staring at us in shock before he put my dad in a headlock and send him to the floor right in front of me.

Before I could say thanks he picks me up, careful not to hurt me more and carries me downstairs. He lays me in his backseat. He closes the door and went back in, coming out a few minutes later with a bag of stuff and started up his car.

"Thank you."

I muttered and he returned a sad smile at me. He drove us to the nearest hospital and cursed out the nurse talking to some friend on the phone.

They help me back and wrapped and treated my bruises.

"Hope, do you mind me asking, what could have possibly caused all this to happen?"

I looked down, trying to think of something.

"A gang... They came out of nowhere and beat me up and took off. I couldn't see their faces but Colin came and got me here."

He nodded and went to tell Colin that he could come in. Moments later, Colin walks in with messy hair, which in a way makes him look better, a weak smile and two cups.

"I brought you coffee, wasn't really sure how you like it but I have sugar packets in my pockets." I smiled and took the cup from his outstretched hand and thanked him.

He placed his down on the table and looked me up and down.

"Are you okay? What happened back there and who was that guy? Should I call the police?" I shook my head at the last question and he kneels down in front of me and took my face in his hands.

"Hope, I need to know that this is never going to happen to you ever again. I need to know that you'll be okay. I care about you Hope, you not telling me what's happening just makes me worry more."

For the first time, I realized Colin's eyes.

There was a deep ocean blue. He would only have to look at you once and you'd get lost in them. They were warm and caring and made you want to be around him more.

"I'll be okay. He's...that's my dad. He wasn't always like that. It's mainly because of me. You don't have to worry... I'll deal with him. Just don't tell the cops please."

He stares into my eyes and nodded.

Then he did the one thing that surprised me, he hugs me.

That's why it all came out. The tears falling off my face, but he didn't pull away. He just hugs me tighter and that was all I needed.

Someone to hug and cry my heart out to and to be here for me. He pulled away from our hug and wiped the tears from my cheeks with his thumbs.

"C'mon, you staying with me tonight." I nodded and follow him out the hospital and in his car. He pulled out and we started driving.

I would have been dead if he didn't show up.

We came in front of a two-story house and Colin took out the keys.

"Wouldn't your parents be upset that I'm staying." He smiled and shook his head.

Colin grabbed the bag that I saw earlier and walk to the door. When we got in, we both took off our shoes and I looked around.


It was very pretty and home-like unlike my house and had family photos everywhere. It was the place a family would want to be.

"Mom! Dad! I'm home and I brought a friend."

Right after, a very pretty lady around her 30's or 40's comes from what seems to be the kitchen with an apron on.

"Oh, who is this beautiful young lady." I smiled at her compliment and stepped forward.

"Hi, I'm Hope. Hope Carter. I go to school with Colin."

Her eyes widen and she looks at Colin who looks like he is kind of blushing before looking back at me. She walks towards me and hugs me tight and I pat her back.

"You're the Hope, Colin has been talking about. I feel like I know mostly everything about you. Oh my, I'm so sorry about what happened to your mother. You can call me Sarah; Mrs. Harrison sounds too much like my mother in law. Not that I don't love her, it's just weird. Dinner ready and you must be hungry. James! Matt! It's Dinner time!"

We follow her to the dining hall and there was food set down on the table. She got another plate and silverware for me and I sat next to Colin. I felt a little out of place.

My dinner was usually something at Emma's or McDonald's. Colin squeezed my hand twice and I smiled at him before footsteps came from behind. I was hugged from behind and turned to see Matt.

"Hey, kiddo!" I ruffled his hair and a man came next to him, looking like an older version of Colin. Must have been his dad.

"We'll this is going to be an interesting dinner", he says.

Okay...should I be worried?

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