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The woods, Chapter One.

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The Woods, Chapter One.

I ran as fast as I could go, swearing to myself that mister-too-good-Sasuke would not win this one.

I stopped myself to catch my breath, I was pretty tired. Suddenly the bush to my left shook. Something blurred passed by me. I got out my Kunai knife, ready for anything...I hoped.

Then a second later someone or something threw a kunai knife attached with a piece of paper. I started running as fast as I can, cause if that bomb goes off in my face then where would I be? Losing to Sasuke, of course.

After some time, I stopped. Strangely, there was no sound. Wait, if it was a paper bomb, I should have felt the earth tremble. I ran back to see that the 'paper bomb' was a letter, actually.

Dear Naruto Uzumaki,

I got your little friend of yours with me and your parents. I hope you know what to do. I'll give them back to you if you give us 10,000,000 yan. See ya at the Hokages Mountain.

-Your imaginary friend,


After I finished reading the letter I was trembling with fear. Who are these people? Why did they capture Sasuke? And WHO ARE MY PARENTS?!?!?! The third Hokage told me that my parents died saving me and they were the ones that sealed the nine-tailed Fox inside of me. People said that the Nine-tailed Fox was a demon who attacked the villaged 11 years ago. So shouldn't I get SOME credit? 'Cause I have the stupid tail inside of me. But why does everyone look at me with hate and anger? They always talked bad about me behind my back. Oh well...I guess I'll talk to the Hokage later. But first I need to go save Sasuke's butt and save my parents. I wonder how they look like? I guess I would know when I go rescue the.


This is from your writer; this is my first chapter and the first book I wrote. Hope you liked it. :)

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