Hey everyone! So this book isn't over... I've created a third book to continue on from Bad Boys Aren't Forever. It'll continue what happened in this book, just in a completely different (third) book. If I would've continued this book, it would've been 90 chapters long so I decided to continue it on sepeartely. I just uploaded it! The link is here: https://www.wattpad.com/274748961-bad-boy-forever-book-3-chapter-1

And in the comments down below. If you are unable to click the link, visit my page and it will be under "conversations", as I have posted a link there as well! The book is called "Bad Boy Forever" :D 

Peyton Hills, the pretty girl who had a downfall, dumped by her boyfriend- and now successful as ever.Evan Shepards, the boy who started the "bad boy name", who dumped his girlfriend, suffered in his football career, and now desperate as ever to bring back the spark he once held with the girl of his dreams. He's back again, and 10 times hotter.With tattooed, soft bartender Cedric in the picture, Maverick- Peyton's successful, rich, partner in crime, and Asher- the once frail and now bulky instigator back in the picture, what happens to Peyton and Evan?Peyton realizes that Bad Boy's are in fact, Forever.

I hope you all continue this book and visit the third to one to see what happens next in Peyton and Evan's relationship :) and I hope you guys are as excited as I am! Happy reading!

Tell me in the comments below if YOU will be reading the THIRD book!!


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